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Because South Africans need something to #BelieveIn right now… and maybe that something is you.


Johannesburg, South Africa (5 March 2020) – In 2020, Good Things Guy will turn five years old, and to celebrate becoming South Africa’s top Good News site, we’ve decided to partner with one of South Africa’s leading medical schemes, Profmed, on a campaign that is celebrating the things that we #BelieveIn.

When sitting down to discuss the #BelieveIn concept, we realised it was almost perfect, as we both believed in the same thing.

Since launching Good Things Guy nearly five years ago, my whole life has changed… because of one decision I made! But more so, I feel like South Africa has changed too, for the better.

And all it really took was believing in something and so this year, together, we are going to #BelieveIn more!

For most of my life, I felt like everyone around me was constantly telling me that South Africa was falling over, and for the longest time, I think I even started to believe it. Everything around me pointed in that direction… the news, my social media and even my friends and peers leaving to find opportunities in countries where the narrative was different.

That was until a silly little drinking game – one of the very first viral trends on social media – changed my life and in the process started changing the narrative in our country.

NekNominations were taking social media by storm, and people were filming themselves doing crazy, stupid and dangerous things while chugging a beer. It seemed so pointless to me. There were hundreds and thousands of people around the globe joining the trend, but nothing about was kind.  I believed then (and still now) that there’s enormous power in sharing positive ideas and creating awareness through social media, and so I chose to do that instead.

I got nominated and decided to post a video of myself feeding a homeless person instead. This is South Africa — it’s not difficult to find a hungry person, and so I drove down the road and found someone. That’s the plight of so many South Africans, and worth drawing attention to. The post went viral, and it changed my life. Local and international news stations and talk shows wanted to hear more and hundreds and thousands of people around the globe decided to follow in my footsteps.

I’ve always been a positive guy, but this really showed me that the world is hungry for good news. That’s what made me realise that I needed to bring this good news to South Africa and that’s why I started Good Things Guy.

Isn’t it crazy, a simple idea to be kind, changed my whole life and made me #BelieveIn our beautiful country again!

We Believe There's Always a Bit of Good

Since launching Good Things Guy nearly five years ago, numerous South African good news sites have started popping up all over the country… from “Beautiful News” to “Good News Daily”, “SA Positive News” and even News24 who made a move last year (after 27 years of hard-hitting stories) to create their own feel-good section, with many stories inspired by us.

My main focus when I created Good Things Guy back in August 2015 was to change the national conversation and give South Africans a balance to the news in our country.

To see so many people and brands following in our footsteps is really humbling. It’s crazy to think that such a simple idea become such a massive thing in South Africa… but a much-needed one! The more good news we have and share, the better for our entire country!

The evolution of the Good Things Guy platform has also been phenomenal to watch. It’s almost like, through our stories, the country has found unity, and the sentiment of the entire country has changed. There’s a real trend of positivity emerging, and people are starting to feel a little more inspired by each other, and a little more proudly South African. Every. Single. Day.

It’s been a beautiful thing to watch.

Even more significant than that, is how Businesses, Government Officials and even Politicians have sat me down to discuss how we move South Africa forward. They all want to understand what we need to do to make South Africa better and believe that through my work on Good Things Guy, I may have some suggestions.

Yes, we need to be committed and want to be part of the solution, but my advice is always that making a positive difference starts with just one person… and a belief in something while giving others something to #BelieveIn.

#BelieveIn purpose.

#BelieveIn connection.

#BelieveIn yourself and those around you.

Because when you believe, you exceed even that which you thought you could greatly achieve.

There are so many beautiful stories happening every single day, that showcase why people should believe in South Africa and the incredible people who live here.

Just look at one of our recent articles where an entire community rallied together to help Samuel Nonyane – a widower who was seen walking with his three-week-old twin girls and his two young sons a few weeks ago. Hundreds and thousands were raised for his family, and the support he will receive will change so many lives, all because of one Facebook post. There is also the inspirational journey of how a simple Basketball game took Nathaniel Japhta from the Cape Flats to achieving a University Degree, becoming a business owner, and then, in turn, an Active Citizen uplifting youth through the very sport that saved him! Or just a few weeks ago when a story trended about a group of kind University students who built a solar-powered movie cinema to allow underprivileged kids to watch a movie – with popcorn, cooldrinks and snacks – for the very first time.

Stories like these are happening every single day and this year –  in partnership with Profmed – we will embark on highlighting and telling more of them! More stories of more inspirational individuals, teams and communities who through sharing their journeys connect us, and collectively give us so much more to #BelieveIn as South Africans.

Ultimately we are showcasing your brilliance and “being the change” we wish to see in South Africa around us!

So keep following the hashtag, keep inspiring each other and keep giving the nation more to #BelieveIn.

To submit your own #BelieveIn story click here, or visit the website for more information.

Sources: Profmed | Good Things Guy | #BelieveIn 
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