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Two visionary entrepreneurs Michael de Beer and Stacey Quinton from Cape Town have designed and tested a rear-view mirror for a bicycle that they are convinced is going to change cycle safety in a positively dynamic way world-wide.


The mirror is functional, easy to install, economical and light weight. It is simply called “The Bicycle Mirror“.

Where the mirror differs from most other mirrors is that it gives a static, uninterrupted view of the roadway behind the cyclist, as it has been designed to fit on the frame of the bike and not onto the handle bars or helmet, where there is a lot of movement that affects the cyclist’s line of sight.

Michael says “It is just crazy to think that every vehicle on the road relies on a rear view for safe passage and that 99.9% of cyclists, who ride the most vulnerable vehicle on the road, have no mirrors on their bikes? The National Road Traffic Act of South Africa states that cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists, and are considered vehicles under SA law! Cars have rear view mirrors, bicycles should also have”.

He mentions further: “It should be made mandatory by the road safety authorities! The Bicycle Mirror® may be one of the coolest new additions to your bike”, and jokingly concluded “… you may be tempted to spend all your time looking behind you, but we suggest that you keep your eyes fixed on the road ahead and periodically glance down to see what the traffic situation is like behind you… makes sense doesn’t it? This product has the potential to save many lives”

In South Africa and around the world there are some great initiatives from organisations like Pedal Power Association (PPA) such as their ‘1.5 to stay alive’ and ‘Stay wider of the rider’ campaigns, that play a big part in helping motorists be more accommodating to cyclists as we share their space. Many of these initiatives unfortunately direct their focus on the motorist alone to maintain a safe distance.

The Bicycle Mirror aims to put more power in the hands of the cyclists, which will help to create a safer cycling environment from both sides.

Bicycle Mirror Bicycle Mirror

The mirror launched it’s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo on the 13th of June 2016 to raise capital to take the product to market.This launch has the potential to make an instant impact on road and cycle safety, and tens of thousands of riders will get a chance to experience the advantages of having a clear rear view when riding and training on busy roads.

They are hoping the product will potentially reduce accidents between vehicles & bicycles by a large percentage on an annual basis, and because of this they intend to market the mirror internationally so that it can be adopted and endorsed by as many influential parties as possible worldwide.

The Bicycle Mirror company is also a socially responsible, purpose driven initiative that was born out of trying to find a way to raise funds for a really worthy NPO, who raise awareness of the more than 3 million orphans in South Africa.

“Not only is this an amazing safety device, large amounts of its proceeds will go through to Newkidz on the block and hopefully one day, sustain them!!”

“And we didn’t stop there, to create The Bicycle Mirror – we employ wonderful and exceptionally skilled workers that are young graduates with special needs.”

“As we grow as a company – it will create much needed jobs in this sector of our community!”

The end result means that we will be able to do this, with the added advantage of being able to save life and limb as well.

There are so many reasons why this is a good idea and to underestimate it’s potential would be short sighted.

Stacey adds that “We believe that The bicycle mirror is an ‘idea who’s time has come’, this mirror will change the future of safety on the roads for cyclists as we know it. Manufacture of the mirror will also be able to help create additional employment opportunities for disadvantaged or disabled members of our community. We are thinking big!”

Sources: The Bicycle Mirror 
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