Earlier this week a furore broke out on social media with regards to in-store banners and online advertising for Truworths’ Mother’s Day campaign.

The campaign that features two very young-looking, very slim models in lingerie, bemused and angered consumers. Many were outraged that the campaign used sexualised images of young women to promote Mother’s Day.

Truworths responded by saying that they had received some comments on social media regarding the Mother’s Day visuals and being a leading fashion retailer in South Africa, Truworths aims to put forward a fashionable and aspirational campaign for all events. In this case, the model, (actually she is in her mid-twenties) was selected for her glamorous appearance – rather than as a representation of all customers who are mothers.

Body Positive

South Africa and the world responded with a resounding no… people are tired of badly represented campaigns and images that don’t portray the majority of society.

Luckily an international campaign spearheaded by Ashley Graham kicked off around the same time. A campaign to empower every single women, no matter what their body type.

“It’s the summer of #MySwimBody!” This is what models like Ashley Graham, Philomena Kwao, and even Olympic hammer thrower Amanda Bingson are posting on social media together with swimsuit photos of them and inviting other women to join in.

Body Positive

#MySwimBody is not the first female empowerment campaign for swimsuitsforall. The brand’s internationally recognized #SwimSexy campaign was featured in February’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, marking the first time both curvy models and an older model were featured in the issue and sparking a global conversation about body positivity. This (American) summer, swimsuitsforall is taking it a step further with #MySwimBody by calling on women around the world to show off their swim bodies regardless of age or size.

“I love bikini season, and I hope the #MySwimBody movement helps every woman feel confident and sexy this summer. I’ll be sharing selfies of my swim body all season long and hope that women across the country feel inspired to do the same,” says Ashley Graham. “Beauty is beyond size, and we are calling on women everywhere to embrace their curves, especially at the beach or by the pool.”

“This is the summer of #MySwimBody, when we are encouraging all women to let go of their inhibitions and lose the cover up at the beach,” says Moshe Laniado, CEO and President of swimsuitsforall. “swimsuitsforall celebrates all different body types and we’re so proud to once again be leading a movement that inspires women everywhere to feel confident and comfortable in a swimsuit this summer.”

Its the twenty-first century, the world is changing, at a rapid rate and marketing a brand correctly has never been more important, especially with armchair warriors locked and loaded on social media platforms. Marketers need to watch trends, study the globe and realise that body positive campaigns are so much more important to consumers… the twenty-something, looks good in lingerie, aspirational campaigns are so last year.

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  1. I’m fat and I can bet you, I won’t look like that in a bikini, because I don’t have the trusty old Photoshop to take away all the dimples and crinkles. Regtig!

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