Brightening Lives with the All-New Consol Solar Jar: Let Your Light Shine!
Photo Cred: Consol | Supplied

Embrace the radiance of the all-new Consol Solar Jar®, a beacon of light and sustainability, transforming darkness into enchanting brilliance while making a positive impact, available now to illuminate your world.


Johannesburg, South Africa (14 August 2023) – In a delightful announcement that has us all buzzing with anticipation, Ardagh Glass Packaging-Africa has just unveiled the all-new Consol Solar Jar®.

Building upon the cherished classic that first graced our lives in 2011, this sensational upgraded version harmoniously blends cutting-edge solar technology with a dash of novel enhancements, birthing what can only be described as the most potent and innovative Solar Jar® yet.

At its very core, the essence remains untarnished. Behold the Consol Solar Jar®, a radiant solar lantern where the customary lid of the iconic Consol jar metamorphoses into a solar module, etching a timeless connection with the jars of yesteryears that have been cherished through generations. Perhaps it’s this very element that fuels the Solar Jar’s allure—no mere luminary, but a malleable tapestry of light that dances upon the canvas of whatever it cradles. An eloquent storyteller of scenes and themes, lending its brilliance as a creative beacon to the worlds of decor, travel, gastronomy, and of course, to every cherished individual across our beloved South Africa.

In the face of adversity, where 27% of this year has been shrouded in darkness due to power outages, a staggering 49 full days lost to loadshedding—comparable to the combined span of powerlessness endured over the past four years—emerges the beacon of hope. The new Consol Solar Jar®, poised to grace your abode, stands as a resilient bulwark against the ebb and flow of power woes, a heartening solution to illuminate the very heart of your sanctuary.

Brightening Lives with the All-New Consol Solar Jar: Let Your Light Shine!
Photo Cred: Consol | Supplied

The crowning jewel of the new Consol Solar Jar® is its formidable solar module, a true embodiment of technological prowess. This module, a transformative sorcerer’s touch, not only imparts the jar its celestial glow but unfurls as a pint-sized solar-powered light, slipping snugly into your pocket. Forged from robust, weather-resistant materials, this creation is engineered to stand the test of time.

For discerning patrons, the option to procure the solar module separately (sans the jar) or to ingeniously trade in their older counterparts for a pocket-friendly deal on the novel rendition is a thoughtful gesture.

Marvel not only at its form but also its splendid functionalities:

  • Bask in the glow for over 24 enchanting hours—a double dose of luminance!
  • A dance of brightness awaits your bidding, from a tender 5 lumens to a dazzling 100 lumens—custom light play tailored to your whims.
  • A mere 10-minute rendezvous with a USB charger bequeaths up to 10 hours of radiant resplendence.
  • The warm white LED lights usher in a sunny embrace that never wanes.
  • Keep a watchful eye on power levels with the intuitive battery light indicator, gracefully colour-coded.
  • A security light mode amplifies its utility, proving to be a true guardian under the night’s starry canopy.
  • Impervious to the whims of weather, it stands resilient against the elements.

But beyond the realm of technology, it is the ethereal impact of the Consol Solar Jar® that distinguishes it. Not solely a beacon of illumination but also a torchbearer for sustainability and environmental consciousness, it marches with an eco-friendly stride, crafting each step with care to minimize CO2 emissions and responsibly source raw materials.

Brightening Lives with the All-New Consol Solar Jar: Let Your Light Shine!
Photo Cred: Consol | Supplied

Produced within our very borders with the principles of Fair Trade at its heart, the Consol Solar Jar® is not merely a creation—it is an embodiment of real change, extending a hand of difference-making to those who labour to bring it into existence.

Marlene Scott, the embodiment of Ardagh Glass Packaging, eloquently sums it up, “Crafting a masterpiece is only half the tale; equally vital is our mission to be change agents. When you choose the Consol Solar Jar®, you’re an active participant in making this world a tad brighter, one jar at a time.”

Ready to embrace the luminescent magic? The all-new Consol Solar Jar® awaits your acquaintance, beckoning you to the shelves of The Consol Shops nestled in the bosom of Johannesburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal, and Stellenbosch, or a few clicks away at Unleash your inner luminary and together, let’s infuse the world with radiance, one cherished jar at a time.

Sources: Consol 
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