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Bonang Mohale, the Chief Executive of Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA) has declared to fight against Corruption and State Capture in SA.


Bonang Mohale gave an inspiring speech about how Business believes in South Africa. He said BLSA members are committed to economic transformation, so that the country works for everyone.

BLSA is an independent association whose members include the leaders of some of South Africa’s most well-known organisations. Through this forum, South Africa’s business leaders engage key players in South African society, including civil society and labour to exchange ideas in our national interest, and to create effective dialogue with government and other stakeholders.

Bonang and Nicky Newton-King, CEO of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), have signed a contract for South Africa, promising to focus on job creation, inclusive economic growth, empowering black business and crushing corruption.

“Business Believes in South Africa. South Africa’s future and our future as businesses are inseparable. We want the transformation so many in this country need so desperately. We share the values set out in its constitution. And we say humbly: we want to play our part in ensuring that South Africa works for everyone.”

“We are fighting back against the falsehoods of the White Monopoly Capital campaign and we are asserting business as a positive force in the life of this country.”

“Too many people are still living low quality lives – denied the fair chance that Madiba demanded on their behalf. Too often the dream of an equal South Africa has been betrayed. Our society continues to be ravaged by unemployment, poverty, nepotism and corruption.”

Bonang believes that if the economy is strong then South Africa is strong. He has called on all political parties and civil society to make inclusive economic growth their priority.

The contract between Bonang and Nicky works in South Africa’s favour. These are the guidelines set:

  • Create jobs by growing the economy.

Between 1993 and 2015, South Africa’s private sector created 2.65 million jobs (Source: World Bank). Our aim is to create even more jobs.

  • Encourage and empower senior black leadership.

Ultimately, the best way to close the opportunity gap is to invest in more businesses owned, run by, and employing black South Africans. We pledge to grow a new generation of black business leaders and entrepreneurs.

  • Invest in South Africans

South Africa can only meet the challenges of the future with a highly-skilled workforce.

We will train South African managers and workers for the challenges ahead.

  • Invest in communities.

Business owes it to South Africans to do more to ensure the communities in which they operate thrive and prosper.

  • Support small businesses.

They should be the lifeblood of our economy – but too often they struggle. It is our duty to help them succeed by financing new businesses, training and mentoring entrepreneurs for success.

  • Condemn and root out corruption
    Corruption and state capture are the cancers that are eating away at our society. They must be rooted out, crushed and punished where we find them in the public or private sector.

“Only by upholding this contract that we have made today, will we ensure that the South Africa of Nelson Mandela’s dream – where everyone prospers – will become a reality,”

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