Gareth Cliff left mainstream radio to head up a Digital radio station called Cliffcentral and the 3 year old content hub is changing the way South African’s access radio completely!


Gareth Cliff left national radio in March 2014 and teamed up with Rina Broomberg to found and launch CliffCentral. The two set up a Digital radio station and have changed how South African’s access radio. Back in 2014 when Gareth Cliff left a listenership of over 1 million people, the radio world wasn’t convinced an online station would work in South Africa.

Fast forward to 2017 and CliffCentral is still going strong and growing steadily! Rina Broomberg spoke with ‘Media Update’ to discuss the growth the station has seen and how to cement it in the future.

“We’ve grown steadily and gained a better understanding of online broadcasting, with being a hybrid of live listening and podcasting, we produce some 40 original shows a week and have created opportunities for many talented people, and built a tribe of loyal supporters and listeners. There was no way we could predict what might happen when we started, because we were sailing into uncharted waters.”

Broomberg believes that thanks to the niche following, they are leading in a field that could become mainstream one day. The aim of the digital station was to create options for alternative content from traditional radio, and create opportunities to develop talent.

CliffCentral was able to create the oppertunity for other online mediums to be born and so Gareth teamed up with Tbo Touch and created a music streaming site called ‘Touch Central’. The venture has created a way for South Africans to stream local and international artists online or via the App.

 Gareth Cliff believes in the freedom that digital radio provides. It allows for exploration into various content options and makes programming easier as it can be built around the content.

“If freedom of expression exists anywhere, it’s in our shows. We have a diversity of opinions and views that we encourage fully,”

2017 is the year of growth for, the focus is to fine tune branded content and to offer more of what the mainstream media cannot.

“That means a big focus on quality and distribution of the branded content offerings, we believe the content is already better than anything mainstream media can offer. The audience that have come to us are, while still limited, engaged, loyal and influential. The mass market will catch on eventually, but changing habits takes time. More and more people are catching on to the ease and convenience of podcasts”

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Sources: Media Update

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