South African company donates 4km of sandwiches to causes in need

16 000 baguettes, 64 800 slices of Cheese, 80 000 slices of tomatoes, 1 650 heads of lettuce and 420 litres of Cream O’Naise have just been donated to causes in need.


Clover SA attempted to break a world record over the weekend but the rain left them with over 4km of half made sandwiches and ingredients.

The company attempted to claim the Guinness World Records title for the longest line of sandwiches at Soweto’s Maponya Mall on Saturday October 7.

The current record, achieved in 2013, is held by Spain’s Nocilla brand. Its sandwiches reached a length of 3,865.78 metres. They were filled with Nocilla chocolate-and-hazelnut spread. The average length of the sandwich was 50cm and there were 7,790 sandwiches in total.

The tables were set and the teams were ready to make the Longest Line of Sandwiches the world had ever seen but after reaching over 2km of sandwiches, the Johannesburg storms started.

The management of Clover had to regretfully announce that they had been forced to cancel their Guinness World Record title attempt due to the inclement weather.

The company had been in planning for months to break a 4 kilometre long “Longest Line of Sandwiches record which would have utilised 420 litres of Cream O’Naise mayonnaise, 16 000 25cm baguettes, 64 800 slices of Clover Cheese, 810kgs (or 80 000) slices of tomatoes and 1 650 heads of lettuce.

“Our teams managed to get to 2468.93 meters before the rains came down.”

“However it’s not all bad news though, we are thrilled to be able to still donate the completed sandwiches and unused sizable amount of bread and fresh raw ingredients to our chosen charities Choc and The Gift of the Givers and to Baragwanath Hospital to make delicious sandwiches with,” she says.

With almost 2,5km of sandwiches already made and 1,5km ingredients leftover, the team decided to donate everything to CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA, Gift of the Givers and Baragwanath Hospital, Gauteng, South Africa for a surprise delicious drop-off!

“We have been overwhelmed at the amount of love shown on social media platforms by celebrities and people at home who were bitterly disappointed we couldn’t continue the record attempt, especially because the enthusiasm for our new Cream O’Naise mayonnaise has been extremely positive.”

“We would like to extend a massive thanks to our teams on the ground and to all our supporters at home and to those that made an effort to join us at Maponya Mall.”

So the record still stands with Spain… but the question is for how long though?

Sources: GTG interview 
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