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Ponte City is one of Johannesburg’s most iconic landmarks and a restaurant that taps into the very spirit of this vibrant city is on the cusp of opening.


Pioneered by the innovative social enterprise, Dlala Nje, “Fifty-One-Oh-One” (5101) is poised to become one of the City Of Gold’s A-list event venues, forming part of a wider effort to reinvigorate the heart of downtown Johannesburg.

5101 offers a compelling view over the City, into its radical past, dynamic present and its enticing future. Presiding over Johannesburg’s rapid evolution from mining town to bustling metropolis to the urban slum which jostled for position as one of the most dangerous residential areas on Earth.

Ponte City is a mirror of the microcosm of South African society and a beacon of hope in the city skyline it dominates. Today the residential building offers great security, affordable rentals and retail opportunities on its ground floor where Dlala Nje’s community efforts have provided a safe space for children to play and learn.

Dlala Nje is a social enterprise founded in October 2012 aimed at challenging perceptions and creating opportunities, through running inner-city guided tours and experiences in some of the city’s most misunderstood areas.


These experiences have birthed a community centre that provides a fun learning environment for children and teens.

“After entrenching ourselves in this community for more than 5 years, we are now thrilled to be opening this extension of our inner-city experiential offering. Available by pre-booking as a venue, the events that we aim to host here will be integrating yet unintrusive,” says Mike Luptak, CEO of Dlala Nje Experiences.

5101‘s launch is the first of its kind in Ponte’s history and opens the door for more socially innovative concepts for the building’s future. The aesthetic of the space will reflect Johannesburg City living, using physical elements from the areas around it.

Matthew Millar, Chief Architect at Milarchi Architects, says, “Dlala Nje’s architectural story is rooted in the symbiotic relationship it has grown with Ponte City. The approach to the architecture respects this relationship and aims to very simply expose the story hidden within the concrete that forms the 52 story monolith. The unwrapping of the concrete from its plastered prison was a key principle in the architectural approach. Exposing the original off-shutter concrete and revealing the concrete floors created the canvas for the new Dlala Nje “5101” space”.

The venue is set to launch in early December 2017 and cater to pre-booked brunches, exco-meetings, out-of-office work sessions, book launches, art exhibitions, sundowners and hosted dinner parties. All events are complimented with a Ponte tour detailing it’s undulating history and jaw-dropping views.

For more information, or if you are interested in attending one of the launch viewings, please send an email to

Ponte Tower

Sources: Dlala Nje
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