Elon Musk has launched Zuma into space as the first launch of 2018!

Zuma Mission

Zuma has officially been launched into space by Elon Musk’s company SpaceX however, it isn’t the SA President… It’s a classified mission with the US Government.


At the height of public outcry for Jacob Zuma to step down as president and the calls for impeachment swirl, we thought it was highly comical that a top-secret mission spearheaded by Elon Musk’s company has caused many South Africans to have a bit of a giggle.

The SpaceX mission has been dubbed ‘Zuma’ and headlines across the globe have all stated ‘SpaceX launches Zuma into space’ and a variety of others along those lines. Only those following South African politics have managed to see the humour here because this scenario would have been ideal for the South African public.

The South African have a theory that the reason this mission was named Zuma is that of its secret and classified nature. They stated that “nobody does secrets and withheld government information better than Jacob Zuma, right?”.

We can bet that if the President is removed, he would probably want to be on that rocket instead of facing the music here in South Africa!

South Africans have been having a good laugh and sharing their thoughts on the mission.

“The ANC must be really worried if launching Zuma into orbit is their only way of getting rid of an embarrassing president” – Paul

“Why bother he’s been on another planet for years.” – Dave Gregory

May the Force be with him” – Dawn Faul Meyer

I really hope that’s not one of his returning rockets!” – Melani Wilson

We are waiting for more jokes to start streaming in and will keep you updated.

Sources: Twitter
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