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The High Five Fund, a charitable initiative born from a simple vision, aims to harness the power of small monthly donations from millions of South Africans to significantly impact five pillars of need, demonstrating that even the smallest contributions can create enormous positive change.


Johannesburg, South Africa (04 October 2023) – A spark of hope has emerged on the South African horizon and it’s called the High Five Fund!

The remarkable non-profit organisation has officially launched, aiming to revolutionise how we positively impact society. But this initiative was born from a simple yet profound idea and is set to transform lives across the nation.

Around six or seven years ago, I found myself sitting at a lunch table with my friend Louise Cameron. Her mother had recently passed away from cancer, a stark reminder of the hardships many South Africans face every day. Our conversation, though not uncommon, delved deep into the needs of our fellow countrymen and women. You see, my work in the realm of “good things” has led me to become a platform that many turn to in times of need. Over hours of heartfelt discussion, Louise and I explored various ways South Africans could give back.

We asked ourselves a simple yet profound question: “What if every South African who could afford it donated just R5 every month to a good cause?”

We envisioned a scenario where this collective donation could be distributed to five different charities, each dedicated to addressing specific pillars of need. And here’s the kicker – every month, these charities would change, allowing us to extend our reach to as many worthy causes as possible.

Imagine the impact of 25 million South Africans setting up a debit order to donate just R5 a month. That’s an astonishing R125 million every month!

And so, the idea behind the High Five Fund was born.

The very next day, after the remnants of our lunchtime margaritas had faded, we mapped out our plan, created logos, and developed the concept. But, as fate would have it, Louise and I soon realised that we didn’t possess the capacity to turn this brilliant idea into a reality.

It was a great concept, but we reluctantly shelved it, hoping that one day, it might see the light of day.

Fast forward to 2023, when I found myself sharing the High Five Fund concept once again, this time during a dinner conversation with Stephen Castle and Peta-Ann Lord. For some reason, I brought it up, possibly for the first time in five years. Their response was nothing short of awe-inspiring – they believed this was precisely what South Africa needed.

The following day, after our own version of margarita-induced inspiration had faded, I shared all the plans with Stephen and Peta-Ann, giving them permission to nurture this tiny seed of an idea into a vast forest of good.

That was just a couple of months ago… and today, I am so incredibly proud and honoured to announce that the High Five Fund has officially launched!

High Five Fund: Small Donations, Big Differences!
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High Five Fund’s mission is simple but profoundly impactful: to create a world where positive change begins with a simple high-five of hope, compassion, and unity. Exactly as planned, the organisation operates in five essential pillars:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Children’s Well-being
  • Social Impact
  • Sports and Culture
  • Sustainability

Their dedication and unwavering commitment to improving lives across these areas is nothing short of inspiring.

Co-founder Stephen Castle perfectly encapsulates the spirit of High Five Fund: “High Five Fund is more than an organisation; it’s a movement for change. We believe that even small gestures can create enormous ripples of positivity.”

The launch of High Five Fund includes a dynamic website,, which offers various ways for individuals to get involved, from making donations to nominating causes within the five pillars.

High Five Fund warmly welcomes everyone to be part of this transformative journey.

Peta-Ann Lord, Co-founder and Marketing Executive of the organisation extends a heartfelt invitation to all: “High Five Fund welcomes you to become a change maker. Join us in creating a better world, one high-five at a time. Your smallest contribution will create the biggest impact.”

With the launch of the High Five Fund, South Africa stands on the precipice of a brighter future, where compassion and change are ignited by the simple act of extending a hand for a high-five.

To learn more about this inspiring initiative or to get involved, visit today. Together, we can turn small donations into big differences and create a better world for all.

Sources: High Five Fund 
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