KFC clean eating burger

Ever fancied taking a bite out of a burger made from spiralised chicken breast, kale, ice cube relish and un-sweetened almond yoghurt all housed in a chia-seeded cauliflower bun?


Well now you can… kinda.

The fast food chain have tapped into the world of healthy eating hipster stereotypes by creating a burger that consists of nothing but healthy ingredients and a scandinavian serving board, totes obvs.

Watch the new ad below:

The Clean Eating burger uses a whole raw cauliflower to serve as the bun, which is then filled with raw kale, boiled chicken, watery crushed ice relish, and unsweetened almond yoghurt, before the ‘bun’ is topped with chia seeds (by a Chai Bae) to replace the usual sesame seeds you’d find on top of a regular burger bun.

KFC partnered with foodie blogger Figgy Poppleton-Rice, who offers clean eating advice on her own blog, along with her Instagram and Twitter pages.

Poppleton-Rice is actually a work of fiction, created by KFC U.K. and Ireland to promote the fast-food chain’s new burger, The Dirty Louisiana, available until March 26.

And for a brief moment, KFC pretended this publicity stunt was a real thing. The prank went deep. They didn’t just create something that looks like it would be found on a foodie’s Instagram feed next to #blessed, they created a guru.

The concept for Poppleton-Rice was born out of social listening, explained Jack Foley, brand manager, KFC U.K. and Ireland. For inspiration, the campaign team looked at various food blogs with an aim to play up blogger stereotypes. Freuds and BBH London are assisting with this campaign.

“In the U.K., food is becoming a lot more moralistic,” he said. “We saw in January that eight out of the 10 top-selling books on Amazon were about clean eating.”

Planning for the campaign, which aims to raise awareness and drive sales for the product, began six months ago. Over the past month, there has been consumer fatigue around the clean eating trend in the U.K., noted Foley.

“Our whole positioning around this was challenging that joylessness of clean eating that we’ve noticed through social listening and covered as a hot topic in the press,” he said.

However, whilst the Dirty Louisiana burger certainly doesn’t sound as healthy as its fake counterpart, it’s probably a whole lot tastier.

The real KFC treat features the original secret recipe chicken that the brand is known for black pepper mayo, BBQ sauce and secret ‘Supercharger Sauce’, before being layered with cheese and a hash brown.

A spokesperson for the brand told the Daily Mirror: “Life’s too short to eat joyless food – get down to your nearest KFC and enjoy the taste of our sauciest burger ever, The Dirty Louisiana.”

And the internet couldn’t agree more… social media has continued the conversation with people adding as to why they love the new ad:


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