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In South Africa, one company is tapping into an alternative source for drinking water… the air.


‘Air Water’ is pioneering technology for use in homes, offices and anywhere else people need pure drinking water on tap. It allows clean, drinkable water to be harvested from the humidity in the air.

Brendan Williamson started the company that makes bottled water from air.

By tapping into the world’s atmosphere, he is using a machine to make 1500 litres of water a day. It’s come in the nick of time as Cape Town faces its worst drought in 100 years and needs every drop.

Using a South African built atmospheric water generator, called The African Rainmaker, Williamson can pull air through filters to make 1500 litres of water a day. That’s around 3000 bottles of 500ml each.

“A machine that makes water from thin air is the only immediate solution for the water crisis facing the world – whether it is home, your office, your clinic, your school, your community, you could be drinking 100% pure water and saving the water that you don’t use each and every day”

We have all seen the facts and figures on the global consumption of water, how consumption is doubling every 20 years and that there are now already 1 billion people who have very limited or absolutely no access to fresh drinking water.

This most valuable commodity is becoming increasingly scarce. Bottled water is becoming less and less favourable and is even being outlawed in places around the world because of the increasing contamination of plastic. Climate change is also having a profound effect on the distribution of rainfall around the Earth.

“Crippling drought is affecting places like it hasn’t done in over a century, just look at the Western Cape in South Africa.

The facts are pretty simple: 2016 dam levels were 20% below that of 2015 and 2017 dam levels are 20% lower than 2016 – it’s as simple as that – we are running out of water and might very well run out completely.”

Whilst the people in charge of the water supply keep the conversation of “solutions” alive, the Airwater team are able to provide an immediate solution.

Some have asked if taking water from the atmosphere is harmful to the environment but Williamson explains that the hydrological cycle takes care of that.

“The water used is constantly evaporating back into the air making the process 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly.

There are 100 million billion litres of water in the atmosphere at any given time and it all returns to the atmosphere once used.”

The smaller home units can make up to 33 litres of perfectly pure water per day while the bigger units can bottle over 1500 litres every single day.

Watch the video below:

Sources: Air Water 
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