Brent Lindeque, the organiser of the petition has met with OUTA & will be handing it over to them to give it direction & meaning for this new chapter in South Africa’s current political climate.

Here’s is the original press release:

When you linked on for the #ZumaMustFall petition, you took the first important step in the right direction, but now we need to take the next one.

The petition, launched mid-December, following Zuma’s axing of Nhlanhla Nene, grew quickly in the first few weeks and is now approaching the 200,000 signature mark. It is a petition which signifies the expression of frustration by a large cross section of society, a frustration that has been compounded by the shocking leadership decisions undertaken by the State President. The past two weeks Constitutional Court matter & Gupta State Capture is just another chapter in the saga.

Unfortunately, while petitions of this size and nature have greater impact and generate attention by the Governing Authorities in many parts of the world, the South African Government has a habit of ignoring such significant input. In response to this outcome, we have to shift the drive of this petition into a different space, a space where it can truly make a difference.

I have therefore decided to engage with a growing and impactful organisation that has made inroads to challenging the abusive conduct of the state, and through whom I believe your active citizenry and participation can yield a positive energy for change in South Africa.

We’ve found a new home for the momentum this petition started… in OUTA, an apolitical organisation which has recently broadened its mandate beyond the Gauteng e-Toll matter, to one which is aimed at tackling larger tax issues and corrupt conduct by our Governing Authorities in South Africa.

Under their new name of “Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse,” they are broadening their work of empowering the public with knowledge on pertinent issues, whilst fighting for citizens’ rights by challenging unjust Government action and corruption.

If we participate in shifting the drive of this petition into a different space, we have far more power than we realise. But we all have to be stakeholders in it to succeed. All I now ask is your permission to continue communicating with you in the same spirit but through the OUTA banner going forward.

For this reason, I encourage you to remain active on this list. If you chose not to unsubscribe, OUTA will make contact with you in the immediate future and will trigger a new participative journey that will add value and hope for our country’s future.

Thank you for signing the original petition.

Click here to view the petition.

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