Businesses This Is How Mastercard Is Supporting Local Business in South Africa!
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The year is almost over, but we can still do a lot to support small businesses that need to make it through the festive season and January.


South Africa (22 December 2021) – While the festivities of the December holiday season are mere days away, there is still time to support your local small businesses and people working in the hospitality industry. Going beyond that, there is the dreaded longest month of the year, January, to get through too!

So how do we go about making a difference when time and finances get a bit tight? We have a few tips for you to use leading up to the big festive day, as well as what to do beyond that. These tips can be used at any time of the year, but they may just come in handy now.

Support Local Business.

This is a very common suggestion and so easy to do, especially when you are running out of time to find a gift for your nearest and dearest.

To start, ask if anyone has ideas for local gifts on your community Facebook group. There is practically a group for every suburb in South Africa now (if not in your neighbourhood, think about starting one for 2022).

These groups will be filled with ideas and people who could use the support now and during the year.

If you want a physical gift, reach out to artists and artisans that may still have stock on hand. Gift vouchers also work great; you can support nail techs, hairdressers, spas, private chefs, bakers, photographers, and so much more!

Whatever you do, be sure to spend your money within your community. It boosts your local economy and helps those people put food on the table or their kids through school.

Support is Free!

If your budget is tight, but you still want to support a small business, all you need is your voice and your social media account.

The world pays influencers billions to talk about great products, and sure we love hearing it, but we are more likely to support something if someone we know has had a good experience. For small businesses that don’t have influencer budgets, you can be their cheerleaders.

Like their posts, leave comments on their content, share the content that you love with your social media friends and if you have made a purchase, leave an honest review of your experience.

This actually goes a very long way for a small business just starting out. We have seen it many times right here on Good Things Guy; someone shares an honest review, and the next moment, the business is being sent new leads left, right, and centre.

Cut them some Slack.

This is a vital point as many people often turn a simple small business experience into a nightmare for a blossoming entrepreneur.

Big corporations are able to have staff available to handle queries 24/7, they can also manage to cover delivery costs using well-known delivery services, and they have teams of people making sure every order is handled with perfection (most times anyway). But small businesses are often only a one-person team that manages all social media and communications, creates products and/or handles the service and doesn’t have the budget to cover free shipping.

When dealing with small businesses, you need to work on a human level of understanding, remembering that you are dealing with one person versus a big corporate machine.

Should you find yourself with an issue, step one is to reach out to the business via email or a provided contact. This is usually where the problem is solved, as many business owners only want the best for their customers. Avoid slandering a blossoming business on social media for a mistake until you have worked with them to find a solution. Should you find yourself unsatisfied with the solution, add your concern in an honest review.

Obviously, if you have been outright scammed, be sure to contact your local authorities and handle the situation through legal representatives.

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