A South African start up is looking at charity in a different light… they call it bonhappi-T… we call it fashion for good!


Thought up and put together by Durbanites Susan Wright and Felix Schmitz, bonhappi-T is a new, revolutionary South African start-up launched on 10 August this year – just 1 month ago!

bonhappi-T creates and shares happiness.

Most people, given the chance, love to help others in need but often simply don’t know how to. The company provide a quick, easy, fun way to do it. They make meaningful helping-out a part of everyday life.

Their vision it to connect people who can with people who can’t.

“We use a simple mechanism. As most people buy t-shirts fairly regularly, we offer Ts on the one hand and as hunger is widespread and something everyone can relate to, we offer the provision of food to the underprivileged, on the other.”

One t-shirt, feeds one mouth for one month!

bonhappi-t-shirt-1 bonhappi-t-shirt-2

From the price of every bonhappi-T bought (they offer Ts for people and for pups), sufficient funds are immediately sent to FoodBank SA or a dog charity, to feed 1 mouth for 1 month.

“We want everyone to be able to make an ongoing, sustainable difference as opposed to a once-off donation.”

“Buying a t-shirt is something almost everyone does often. Now, with every bonhappi-T bought, up to 20% of the payment is donated to feed one hungry mouth for one month.”

The duo spent a year developing the company and have partnered with a few suppliers to make the process of buying the t’s as simple and cheap as possible to ensure that as much proceeds as possible go to the charities.

“We centre our unique T designs around meaningful fashion; our SA clothing manufacturer provides superior quality, proudly South African t-shirts at a cost that enables an affordable selling price; Fastway(SA) and DHL(international) provide low courier prices so we can include ‘free express shipping’ in our on-line selling price.”

R299 gets you a great t-shirt, delivered to your door in a couple of days and also feeds a mouth for a month. When you wear your T and people comment on it, you can talk about it, pay it forward and get another mouth fed for a month… And that is how the bonhappi-T happiness movement grows.

“Our plan is raise awareness about the plight of hunger and at the same time… feed millions of hungry South Africans!”

Check out their awesome video below or visit their website for more info!

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