What do all parents want for their children? A bright, beautiful future and sweet dreams; so they awake inspired to discover and explore the many wanders a new day has to offer.

This quote by Nelson Mandela sums up what we have a chance to do in our lifetime:

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It’s what difference we made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”

Goodbye Malaria was started by big dreamers who want to eliminate malaria, a disease that causes a child in Africa to die every 60 seconds.

“It’s unacceptable,” says Kim Lazarus Goodbye Malaria co-founder and responsible for the organisation’s product design and development. “Pregnant women and children under five are most susceptible to contracting malaria, and the result in Africa is devastating. Together we can put a stop to this.”

As African entrepreneurs, Goodbye Malaria wanted to solve an African problem with a creative solution. Kim is passionate about creatively making an impact, and together with her team has a vision and mission of uplifting, changing and saving lives while saying Goodbye Malaria in Africa, once and for all.

Goodbye Malaria has one-of-a-kind gifts for both parents and kids. From the purchase of Goodbye Malaria’s PJ pants, or any of its handmade gifts including its cuddly soft toys and new kids slippers made from offcuts of the pants, you will be directly contributing to the organisation’s spray program in Mozambique – which affords a family in Mozambique to sleep peacefully too, without the threat of being bitten by a mozzie and contracting malaria.


Just like the PJ pants, the slippers and soft toys are made by individuals who are upskilled to make a living from handcrafting these items. In particular, the cute and comfortable slippers are handmade by a crafter named Curtis, who learnt his skill from an early age watching his father making slippers in their village.

Made with love and passion, the booties use iconic shweshwe print fabric authenticated by Goodbye Malaria’s unique backstamp on the inside of the fabric.

“By eradicating malaria we are creating a gateway for Africa’s potential – it starts by freeing up beds in clinics and ends up by discovering the next Steve Jobs,” says Robert Brozin, Goodbye Malaria and Nando’s co-founder.

Goodbye Malaria slippers for babies and toddlers are not only fun, colourful and easy to wash, but also flexible and lightweight so kids have the freedom to wriggle their tiny toes and the space to develop their feet properly.

As temperatures start to drop across South Africa, these warm and snuggly slippers with non-slip soles feature warm woollen inners for winter, protecting children from the elements and unsafe surfaces. For summer there are booties with light, super-soft gingham inners.

Shop online to save a life and have your gift delivered anywhere around the world: www.goodbyemalaria.com/shop

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