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#TheGoodStuff team are bringing you a project that is making a very positive contribution to society and making a massive difference in South Africa.

Inscape Education Group has been offering excellence in education by design for more than 3 decades and offers accredited degrees, diplomas and higher certificates in both the creative and built environment.
Inscape Education Group is the oldest privately-owned multi-disciplinary creative arts institution in South Africa and is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Wanting to be part of teams of people who strive for change and create innovative solutions, we were lucky enough to be introduced to Helen Buhrs, the principle of Inscape Education Group,
After we met and learned of Helen’s vision for the students at Inscape and about the current bursary program, it was evident that we needed to create a channel that could direct funds to support those in need of getting a quality education.

So we got busy and we built up a non-profit called Inscape Exchange that assists the current bursary program, Project IX, and its students. We interviewed all students and teachers involved and created a video that will follow shortly (Gerry Jennings from Top Billing having filmed it and Brandon Auret from Chappie and Elysium fame narrating the story)


We created a non-profit company called Inscape Exchange that was launched in conjunction with Inscape Education Group to identify possible funders who can assist the bursary applicants and provide opportunities for good quality education to economically disadvantaged individuals who have qualified and have the potential and will to succeed in the creative industry.

Inscape currently has 12 students enrolled in their bursary program, Project IX.

This bursary program ALREADY EXISTS and it has been 100% successful in terms of pass rate and now they wish to expand to those who are unable to afford it but have the potential to redefine the industry.

These student’s tuition and additional fees have been self- funded by Inscape Education Group.
Having reached maximum capacity in terms of self-funding, they would like to open the opportunity to outside investors to get involved.

With a 93% employment rate at Inscape Education Group, we are able to add to this existing successful model.
Inscape Exchange aims to motivate individuals to achieve to the best of their ability, academically and in all other aspects of their chosen field of study, providing mentorship in partnership with families, providing support and resources where the need arises and encouraging creativity and leadership to help build a prosperous and healthy nation.

This program has the potential to explode. Imagine providing students with 100% bursary! This is a powerful and bold step and is exactly the type of leadership we are looking for in this country.

So much talent goes to waste and entrepreneurs fall before they get to truly express who they are and what they can bring to society. This bursary program is important because we are building young entrepreneurs and helping them develop in the market.

We can all agree that Education is something that changes the way we exist in the world. Its one thing having an education, but the ability to do so in a conducive environment is the hardship that many are facing today.

Critical human capital and future employee potential development takes place in the form of student training.

How can we help shape the landscape of our country through education, and through trustworthy institutions who have the strength to implement change.
Inscape Education Group continues to push the limits within the Education sector – promoting unique thinking and producing graduates who define the industry.

Looking to get involved or find out more about Inscape Exchange please contact us huddleUP.

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