Total South Africa partners with Afrika Tikkun to unlock youth potential

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This year Total South Africa partnered with Afrika Tikkun to hold Afrika Tikkun’s “Talent Day” in recognition of Nelson Mandela’s values and his call to remember the children and young people of South Africa.


The event, which took place on Saturday 29 July 2017, saw the converging of over 2500 children and young people of all ages from Diepsloot, Orange Farm, Alexandra, and inner-city Joburg at the Wanderers Cricket Grounds. In the Cape, Talent Day also took place at Afrika Tikkun’s Centre in Mfuleni.

The day is the highlight of the year for all the children and young people of Afrika Tikkun. With mounting enthusiasm, the children had prepared for it in the months and days leading up to the event, treasuring this opportunity to showcase their impressive talents in sports, arts and culture. Their efforts concluded with a passionate display of dance, drumming, music and drama. They competed in sports and activities that also show academic skills!

“It is a perfect platform to re-inforce the physical development gains in our young peoples’ lives,” explained Tshilidzi Ramuedzisi, Innovation and Corporate Affairs Manager, Total South Africa. “Games are an alternative way of building leadership qualities, building confidence, facilitating peer connections and team building in a fun way but very effective at the same time.  It also teaches young people about discipline and commitment, as you would know most of the world’s best sports man/woman became starts because of discipline.”

This year, approximately 50 staff members from Total South Africa were involved in managing the various sporting events, competing with other corporates and, most importantly, lending support to the children as their official cheerleaders. The staff assisted with on-the-day arrangements like refereeing games, judging the cultural activities, keeping score, manning stands and serving food.

Said one staff member, “Coming through here I was sceptical about what to expect.  Often when we speak of disadvantaged people we expect sadness and gloom, however the jovial spirit today has proved just the opposite.  We all have the ability to change the world to a better place if we work together.” 

With the support of Total South Africa, Afrika Tikkun’s beneficiaries are enabled to realise gifts and talents that prepares the way for future careers. Talent Day was a moving display of what South African young people can achieve no matter their circumstances, when their potential is nurtured and developed.

“All young people have the potential and dream to do better in their lives. They deserve to be given opportunities, a conducive environment, resources and people around them to treat them with respect,” explained Ramuedzisi.

Every year on the 18 of July, the United Nations asks individuals around the world to mark Nelson Mandela International Day by making a difference in their communities. Everyone has the ability and the responsibility to change the world for the better, and Mandela Month in July is an occasion for people to take action and inspire change.

“Afrika Tikkun talent day is all about belonging. Kids feel they belong to a family that extends across South Africa. Tikkun staff and donors like Total feel we belong to a club of caring contributors bonded together to make our country great for all.” Marc Lubner, CEO of Afrika Tikkun.”

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