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Timu Trust is an innovative new platform designed to help underprivileged job seekers prove they are trustworthy and gain access to employment.


Timu Trust is a platform developed by Hannes Heyns. The innovation has created a platform for overlooked job seekers to prove they are trustworthy and worth giving an opportunity.

“Founded in 2016 and based in Cape Town, South Africa, Timu is a community marketspace which inspires trust.”

There are many areas in South Africa that have a reputation for not having good people, this often creates a negative outlook for people from those area’s that need employment. Hannes Heyns developed the platform to help people access opportunities and employment by proving they are trustworthy.

“You can find jobs, explore other opportunities in your community, build online trust and learn skills. By completing these opportunities you can unlock more challenging and rewarding opportunities.”

Timu Trust helps members build a professional profile of trust that connects them to opportunities within walking distance of their homes. The opportunities help them prove they can be trusted, builds their credibility and helps them build skills and gain experience.

Timu has a leaderboard which shows the topmost trustworthy potential employees. The platform also allows for reviews from the employers, shows the number of opportunities completed as well as any qualifications they person might have.

This new platform will change the lives of thousands of job seekers, finally giving them the opportunities they truly deserve and creating hope for people who have long since, given up. Find out more here.

Sources: Timu Trust
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