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One of this seasons hottest social sporting & music events is changing the water game in preparation for next weekend! This is how you do it!


Cape Town 10s is South Africa’s biggest social sport and lifestyle event! Winning the 2016 Discovery Sport Industry Award for “Best Live Experience” Event in South Africa.

It is the brainchild of rugby legends Bob Skinstad and Robbie Fleck and long-standing mate Ron Rutland. Founded in 2008, starting off as a rugby only tournament the event has since evolved into a multi-sport event, with the addition of Netball in 2013, Beach Volleyball in 2016, Dodgeball in 2017 and Hockey, Soccer, Running and a unique fitness event in 2018.

The rugby component of 10s is billed as the biggest ten-a-side rugby tournament in the world, designed for fun but still underpinned by national and international rugby federation rules. The event has, over the years, featured some of the world’s greatest International rugby legends including Jonah Lomu, Carlos Spencer and Christian Cullen, as well as other global sporting stars such as Graeme Smith and Justin Kemp.

2018 will mark the 10th Year Reunion and this year they are making some big changes to save water!

In support of the dire water constraints, Zando Cape Town 10s has instituted the following important pro-active decisions and campaigns to have the overall outcome of a zero to surplus effect on the City of Cape Town’s water resources:

1. VIP Legends and Celebrity Team Endorsement: Level 6B Restrictions : #6BFORME

An immediate directive to our VIP Legends and Celebrities, a total of nearly 100 influential icons of South Africa, to embrace the newly implemented Level 6B water restrictions. This campaign will be known as #6BFORME, and will be designed to use these high-profile individuals to act as spokespeople for the City’s campaign and to personally support and communicate their ways of dealing with the situation. They are legends in the eyes of so many and their endorsement will ensure a strong and influential message. The Stor-Age VIP Invitational Legends Kit has been halted and
redesigned to showcase this endorsement.

2. Teams & Players

All teams have been informed and tasked to “bring” their own potable water to the event. Teams and players’ alike, especially incoming travelling teams, have been informed to bring two sets of rugby clothing and to refrain from washing any of their clothes in Cape Town during the weekend.

“Take Your Washing Home”. Furthermore players have been asked to play in shorter studs, and potentially be prepared to play rugby barefoot.

3. Event Layout & Infrastructure

We have worked with all stakeholders in the precinct to re-arrange setup to reduce any potential damage. All fields and courts have been set up and moved around areas where potential damage could happen.

4. Event Setup

Cape Town 10s has worked with all stakeholders and 10s suppliers to shorten the load-in and load-out times drastically. Build up times have been reduced by about 30% from previous years. This will give the grass and fields the maximum amount of time to recover in between major events. This will also ensure minimal damage is caused with infrastructure on these fields. In addition, plans to lengthen the duration of the event over 3 or 4 days have been scrapped for 2018.

5. Fields

All fields will be irrigated in accordance with current water restrictions and usage of non-potable water only as determined by their regulations. 10s will donate all surplus water as a result of its various water saving and supply initiatives, to where it is best needed by the City.

6. Sponsors Collaboration

There has been strong and immediate take up by the main sponsors to collaborate on this important crisis messaging. The sponsors have willingly co-operated and immediately instituted dual “big brand” collaboration initiating some exciting campaigns including #6BFORME for the Legends and

Celebrities to promote and communicate to their vast corporate databases.

7. SARLA (South African Rugby Legends Association) Support

SARLA will actively engage in all support with the Legends and use their media platforms to promote the cause in conjunction with their charity projects on the go at the Zando Cape Town 10s.

8. No Showers.

This will be a tough set- back for the players but we will communicate well with them to make alternative plans and arrangements.

All showers in cloakrooms on site will be locked and “No Showers” signs will be put up.

9. No Jacuzzis.

There will be no Jacuzzis or splash pools for the players as in previous years.

10. No Water Misters.

There will be no water misters surrounding the VIP tent or Main Beer Tent to cool things down.

11. Chemically treated loos.

The sanitation suppliers will bring their own water on to the fields for the chemically treated loos. The units work on a recirculating flushing mechanism. We will ensure that this is non-potable water sourced from out of the region.

12. Team Collaboration.

Team Collaboration from teams outside of Cape Town Some of our Teams are flying in from out of Cape Town with 5L on the plane and drawing awareness on their part. Some airlines are supporting this initiative. A team of players from Middelburg in Mpumalanga is sending down a truck with 8,000L of water for the 10s to use as we please.

13. Water for the Teams and Spectators

All teams and spectators will be encouraged to bring in 5L for personal use on weekend. All left over water will be deposited on fields. Plastic recycling backup is under discussion.

14. Suppliers Policy.

Water is being sourced and brought into the event from out of Cape Town and we are in discussions with suppliers re Water Policies. All suppliers have been asked to present their own water management plans and been informed to reduced their footprint and load-in and load-out times.

15. Water Tanks | Refrigerated Water Trucks | Water from Air | Desalination

A number of options are under review and discussion on the above which will aid the 10s to produce and supply its own water at the event.

Examples of procurement : Cirrus Water Management who will be providing an “air to water” machine which will extract moisture from the air (AWG Process) which will produce 3000 Litres of high quality drinking water for the event for the two days. BlueWater Group is a point-of-use water purifying technology company who will be on site with their equipment to create pure drinking water from non-potable water.

16. Media Platforms

All available CT10s media platforms will be used to promote the cause including all the screens, event programme and billboards at the event. Media interviews with print, radio and TV will embrace this focus.

17. Digital & Printed Collateral from the City at event

We agree to distribute any CoCT fliers, posters etc at the Entrance Gate and with kit. All digital screens and event communications channels will be made available to carry the City’s message on water management.


No potable water will be used at the event. The strict undertaking of the 10s will be to use no potable water, and through various initiatives currently under way, have a ‘Zero to Surplus’ effect on the City of Cape Town’s water sources. There is full collaboration with the City of Cape Town who values the important role that the Zando Cape Town 10s brings to the City in terms of maintaining trade and tourism while hosting an event that has committed not to draw water from the City Municipality.

The Zando Cape Town 10s will also provide the significant platform and the endorsement of its sports and celebrity ambassadors to promote the crucial Level 6B water restrictions and to bring vital awareness to the City’s campaign.

  • Drinking – brought in
  • Cooking – brought in
  • Washing – No showers – take your washing home
  • Sanitation – chemical
  • Cleaning – blowers and waterless cleaning initiative

Sources: Zando10
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