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Recycling is always a good option but sometimes it can all feel daunting, so here are 10 plastic products you can stop using right this second!


Recycling plastic is easy and it is also really great for the planet but even with the best intentions, it can feel daunting at times. Sometimes there isn’t enough time to sort through the plastic in your household, sometimes you might be unsure about which plastic products are recyclable and which plastics are not and then sometimes you can be downright lazy! Hey, it happens to the best of us…

While browsing Facebook we came across a video created by BrightVibes and they listed 10 plastic products you can give up today that will benefit the environment. We thought we would share them with you because there were a few kinds we didn’t even think of before today.

  1. Plastic Bags (this is the most obvious one… obviously!)
    Most people are already making the switch over to material bags that are reusable. Many countries and shops are also banning or discontinuing the use of plastic bags altogether.
  2. Plastic Straws
    Yes, these little plastic juice transportation devices are terrible! They are scattered everywhere… Like at the beach, filling up landfills and all those other places they should never be! If you are super conscious of drinking from a container (because ew! germs) then invest in a reusable straw.
  3. Microbeads
    Yup, these tiny (hence the word micro) balls of toxic plastic simply wash down the drain into our water sources and then poison our ocean fish which eventually poisons us. You can find them in almost every exfoliating face scrub on the shelf and even in your toothpaste, imagine how your poor enamel must feel? They are in a variety of other beauty products too.If you are unsure if a product contains them the label will list them as either polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate or polymethyl methacrylate. Happy and natural alternatives are salt, oats or even bicarbonate soda (mix with a bit of honey for the best results)
  4. Plastic Toothbrushes (oops, we are guilty here)
    This is one example of plastic we didn’t even think about until today. Toothbrushes are a part of our daily lives so we feel a little guilty for never thinking about it while starring ourselves down in the mirror. Bamboo toothbrushes are a great alternative!
  5. Plastic Water Bottles
    This is another obvious one. Reusable glass bottles are in fashion and nearly every shop has a section where you can find fun bottles. If you just have to have ‘filtered’ water, fit a filter onto your tap or buy one of those fancy water jugs that have a built-in filter.
  6. Coffee Capsules 
    Yes, you read that right! If you invested in an expensive coffee system that makes use of a capsule that only has one serving we are sorry to tell you that they are really bad for the environment! It’s true, the capsules are not recyclable. Coffee grounds are great for the environment, they enrich the soil and make a great compost! They are also pretty perfect as a body scrub so owning a French press is a much better option.
  7. Disposable Razors
    We understand that razor blades are ridiculously expensive but owning a lifelong razor is better for the environment because it lasts. If that isn’t an option then embracing body hair is your next best option, plus it’s November so let it grow!
  8. Takeaway Coffee Cups
    Most coffee shops will let you take a reusable mug for your daily hot drink. You need only ask and they will tell you what size is just right for your regular cuppa! They may even sell mugs for you to use. If you don’t ask then you will never know. And if they say no, then write a strongly worded but well thought-out letter to management explaining why you would like to use a reusable mug. If you get a snotty reply or none at all then you are probably better off supporting a different company.
  9. Plastic Cutlery
    The plastic knives don’t work and neither do the forks so it is better to avoid them. Most places are starting to supply wooden alternatives anyway so this could be another request to make from your local deli or take away if they don’t have any.
  10. Shower Gels
    Bars of soap do an equally good job and nowadays there are so many divine soap shops you can find every kind of soap you could imagine. Just remember to check the ingredients of mass-produced soaps as they too can contain microbeads. The shower gel comes in a bottle whereas soap is wrapped in a small amount of paper.If you cannot give up shower gel, stores like Lush offer a bottle recycling programme that gives you a free face mask when you return the empty packaging. They also offer solid bubble bath and shampoo.

And that is that folks! We hope you enjoyed this post… If you are hungry for even more tips here are 5 steps to make moves towards real waste-free living!

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