40 Marathons

Mina Guli will be running 40 marathons in 6 weeks to raise awareness for the ongoing global water crisis. The running will take place at rivers on 6 continents.


Mina Guli became aware of the global water crisis and decided to take action, she started the NPO ‘Thirst’ in 2012. The organisation was created to help educate and engage with the youth, to teach them how to combat the water crisis.

As part of her plans to raise awareness, she will be running the equivalent of 40 marathons in a mere 6 weeks, the catch is that each week will be spent on a different continent. Mina will be running along the banks of 6 of the worlds greatest rivers.

“We must combat this crisis for generations to come, without changes in behaviors and business practices, by 2030 demand for water will be 40% greater than supply. I travel the world to increase awareness and inspire others to believe that every single one of us can make a difference.”

This isn’t the first time that Mina has run to raise awareness for water, last year she ran through seven deserts on seven continents, also completing the equivalent of 40 marathons.

“What started as a crazy idea sketched on a whiteboard became a movement that would stretch across the world to China. I was given a challenge by the YGL’s to create a stunt that would capture media attention and help spread the message of Thirst. This is how the #Run4Water campaign was born,”

Mina says that the greatest challenge is getting people to understand just how big the water crisis is and getting them to take action. She hopes to work with companies and to encourage them to create sustainable business practices that will help with the water crisis.

Individuals can conserve invisible water simply by drinking tea rather than coffee, which saves 120 liters of water, or by buying one less t-shirt, which saves 2,700 liters of water.

40 Marathons

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Sources: Forbes / Thirst

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