African Rock Python

The enormous African Rock Python is estimated to be around 3,5 metres long and slithered along the golfing green at Zimbali golf course in KwaZulu Natal!


An African Rock Python is one scary snake but pretty harmless if you leave it be! They can grow large enough to eat an entire crocodile or antelope! The snake is nonvenomous, however it is part of the constrictor family and that is how it kills it’s prey.

This specific rock python interrupted a round of golf at the eighth hole on the Zimbali course. The Zimbali golf course offers a challenging 18 hole course, I bet they didn’t expect this kind of challenge!

A snake expert was consulted and he said the snake was a beautiful specimen of power!

“This individual looks to be around the 3,5m mark, and made of pure muscle! What a beast!

“Notice how, at first, it appears to move a bit like a slug, moving in a straight line. As you’ll see towards the end of the video, when it feels threatened, it is very capable of moving rather quickly!” – Nick Evans, from KwaZulu-Natal Amphibian and Reptile Conservation

The African Rock Pythons are under threat as they are used for traditional medicine, also known as muthi. However this is a protected species to harming it is an illegal act!

“It is a truly beautiful and magnificent animal. I’m so glad this majestic specimen was left alone. We need to work together in conserving this special species, through continuous education and the rescue of ‘problem animals’.

“What an amazing encounter! Lucky golfers!” – Nick Evans

Sources: YouTube / SA People
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