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The recent rain is bringing some relief to easing the water shortage to some parts of South Africa as the country faces its worst droughts in years.


Dams and Rivers around South Africa have started to rise and flow over the past few weeks but authorities have said this amount still remains below average and we need to continue our efforts at saving water.

While the Western Cape’s water crisis still continues in anticipation of the winter rainfall, summer rainfall areas in the country have received much-needed rain since the start of the New Year.

In Limpopo, recently, videographer Heinrich Stofberg managed to capture on camera the very moment the Matlabas River started to fill up.

The video starts off showcasing life on a dry river bed and then suddenly water starts to trickle in becoming faster and more steady until a full river is reborn.

Stofberg wrote the fitting caption below to accompany the video.

“After the worst drought this country has seen in many years, every drop of water is precious.”

“Many rivers are nothing but dry sandy causeways crisscrossing through the landscape. The land is awaiting the return of the water with angst.”

“And then, one day, the call is answered.”

“Life returns to Matlabas.”

Watch the video below, it’s sure to make you smile with the glory of nature:


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