Animal Allies and Bromhof veterinary clinic went to Katlehong Township to feed, vaccinate and sterilise 105 animals in need! Doing great life changing work.


Animal Allies partnered with the Bromhof veterinary clinic for one of their regular outreach programmes at the Katlehong Township. The township is an impoverished one, it is filled with many loved animals but families sometimes struggle to properly care for them.

The team of organisations set up a programme to feed, vaccinate and sterilise the various animals living there. They also aim to educate pet owners on the day.

“The queues are already hundreds of metres long. Lots of adults, but incredibly enough mostly children bringing their special friends for treatment. They arrive in wheelbarrows, Easter egg boxes, backpacks, any container you can think of”

The team started with the cats first, making sure each was vaccinated and dewormed, and had a tick/flea treatment. The programme makes sure each animal has a vet card and each family remembered to bring theirs along as well as a white bucket which is filled with cat or dog food for them to take home.

The day had over 30 volunteers working in various places to make sure every animal was helped and cared for. Volunteers help keep order on the busy day, from helping families to handing out food and assisting animals to wake up from their anesthetic.

“We walk up and down the queues of people and pets, replacing wire, chain and rope with bright new leashes and collars. The people are smiling and the dogs are so comfortable, thank goodness there is a wire cutter, some of the chains had to be cut off. It feels so good to throw them away.”

There is a makeshift grooming station where dogs with severely matted coats received haircuts, the dogs would jump for joy after the fur had been removed. One hundred and five animals were sterilised on the day and many more helped with various treatments.

The day was filmed by Phillip Meyer, you can watch the heartwarming video below.

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