Baby Rhinos

‘Rhinos in Africa’ posted a video on Facebook of a group of baby rhinos asking for their morning milk. The sound they make is just too adorable!


Megan from ‘Rhinos in Africa’ posted the video of the baby rhinos asking for their morning milk. The video is just too cute! She also shared a very sobering and stern message.

“These sounds are very poignant because they will never receive milk from their mothers.”

“Their mothers have all been brutally killed for their horn. These are survivors that are cared for twenty-four hours a day by a handpicked dedicated team of staff. Human contact is kept to a bear minimum so that they may one day be integrated back into a wild protected area.”

“This is the a video that I took of these babies before their horns were removed.”

“The situation is so dire and disgusting now that poachers are killing baby Rhinos in sanctuaries in South Africa for their horns.”

Facebook users commented about the video and thanked Megan and her team for taking care of the babies.

“Thank you for your love care and devotion and saving our precious rhinos🦏🦏🦏🦏” – Linda Wayne Smith 

“Thank you for you beautiful people who care for them. Rhinos and the people who love them are close to my heart.” – Annette Smit 

“Thank you for looking after them. Those sounds tug at your heartstrings! Makes you weep!😰😰” – Eileen Thomas 

The babies had their horns removed as a safety measure. This is done in the hopes that it will deter poachers from visiting the sanctuary. The image above is how they look without their horns.

“Their horns have all been removed and are stored according to strict government laws in a centralized vault.”

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