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Balloon releases are not good for the Earth, they cause serious problems for the environment so here are 3 alternative ways to celebrate.


Over the last few weeks, we have spotted a number of various organisations and individuals that have been releasing balloons into the sky to celebrate causes and honour memories of loved ones. This post isn’t about naming and shaming them but to educate the masses and hopefully create change and understanding.

We have also noticed that many people get very aggressive towards the balloon releases in the comments. This is counterproductive as it immediately gets peoples defences up. So instead, share this with them and help them to understand the problem.

3 Reasons why the balloon releases are bad for the Earth.

  1. Balloons float up into the sky and get blown around but eventually, they float back down to Earth. Besides the obvious pollution aspect, they can land on power lines causing blackouts and even more dangerous situations.
    “Metallic balloons can cause power outages. … The metallic coating on Mylar balloons conducts electricity. Because of this, when a Mylar balloon comes in contact with a power line or floats into substation equipment it can cause a short circuit. This short circuit can lead to power outages, fires and possible injuries” – PSEG
  2. When balloons float back to land or into the ocean they get mistaken as food and are eaten by birds, fish, turtles and other wildlife. The balloon can be immediately fatal or it can cause slow and painful death to these beautiful creatures.  The balloon blocks up the animals digestive track which prevents it from absorbing nutrients from its real food source and it slowly starves. Animals can also choke on the balloon which leads to suffocation.
  3. Balloons get stuck in trees and the ribbons get entangled in birds wings. The same happens to land animals, they get entangled in the ribbons which can be painful and cut off vital circulation.

None of the above is good news, in fact, it makes us feel really sad thinking about it. Do not worry, we are here to share healthy alternatives to help you celebrate a moment or remember a loved one. These alternatives are just as beautiful and have benefits for the planet.

3 Alternative ways to celebrate without releasing balloons.

  1. Plant a tree in memory of a loved one. This will grow and become a source of shelter for birds and it will be one more tree that can remove carbon from the air around it. Just remember to check that the tree is indigenous to the country you plant it in.
  2. Throw a seed bomb. Wildflower seed bombs are also a great way to create beauty without pollution. Once again use wildflowers that are indigenous to your area. It is as simple as rolling the seeds in air dry clay and letting it dry. The clay balls will disintegrate in the next rain and the seeds will begin to germinate. You can find full details on how to do it here.
  3. If you want something more sturdy, you can donate a bench or birdbath, you can build a birdhouse or paint rocks and leave them in places that mean something.

There are literally hundreds of ways to remember someone while benefitting the Earth. What are some of your ways to honour loved ones or celebrate? When in doubt, try to avoid anything that you wouldn’t let a child under three play with. Thank you for reading and sharing this information.

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