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The Bottle 2 Build project was started as a way to create sustainable recycling practices and to buy bottled water for a good cause and purpose.


The Bottle 2 Build project was started to help build sustainable schools using recycled bottles as one of the structural elements to the school. The bottles are shaped as interlocking bricks and are manufactured using PET, a new age plastic that is completely inert and BPA free. The bottles are designed to create an eco-friendly building material that has the planet in mind.

“Our main objective is to Re-Think. Re-Use. Reduce. Turn waste into an asset, build structures with the asset (our functional bottles) and reduce the impact of waste whilst improving the social conditions of others.”

“Plastics are durable and degrade very slowly, the molecular bonds that make plastic so durable make it equally resistant to natural processes of degradation. Since the 1950s, ONE BILLION TONS of plastic have been discarded and may persist for hundreds or even thousands of years. If we do not address the issue now many generations to follow will suffer due to our actions.”

The brand wholesales the bottles to schools and corporate companies and then collects the empty bottles which are used to build schools.

“Moulded out of PET plastic into a modular shape – our bottles are not only great beverage containers, they also make for great low-cost building material. Each bottle is specially designed to interconnect and, when inserted into a steel frame, form a strong, stable wall ideal for building classrooms.”

The school or company collect the empty bottles and place them into the collection bins. Once 15 000 bottles have been collected and R 200,000.00 is raised for additional materials, Bottle 2 Build will build a 54m² classroom for one lucky school.

To date the Bottle 2 Build company had completed over 42 projects using the bottles as a building material.

bottle 2 build

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Sources: Bottle 2 Build Schools / Bottleworx

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