People are “buying beds” for the homeless as a massive cold front hits Cape Town… this is how you can get involved too!

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South Africans are “buying beds” for the homeless as a massive cold front hits Cape Town… this is how you can get involved too!


We are all familiar with the sight of people sleeping on the streets, begging at traffic lights, or pushing shopping trolleys that are filled with all of their possessions. Unfortunately this is such a common occurrence in your daily lives that most people might not stop to think how this person actually got to be homeless.

Being homeless means a lot more than not having a roof over your head. And the experiences at “The Haven Night Shelter” in Cape Town has taught the many volunteers there that homelessness is also characterised by the following:

  • Being separated from your family, friends and other people who care about you;
  • Loosening the connections with the home, community, society e.g. your church, mosque, community;
  • Perception of not having access to basic human rights like water and medical treatment;
  • Losing your sense of dignity and self-respect.

The mission at The Haven is to use all the resources at their disposal to reintegrate people on the street back into society – to get the homeless to a home. To continue their work requires the support of the communities through donations, volunteering, and creating awareness about what they do to help the people in the community.

As the massive storm warnings went out yesterday, many South Africans started sharing a campaign driven by “The Haven” where those that have, could “Buy a Bed” for people living on the street.

And the cost is just R60 to give someone 5 nights at the shelter.

“We started the “Buy a bed” campaign to make The Haven Shelters more accessible for people living on the streets. Most homeless people know that they have to pay shelter fees starting from R12 per night. These shelter fees are not a goal it self but more that homeless adults learn to take responsibility again. Sometimes homeless people use that as an excuse not to come to the shelter.”

“With the “Buy a bed” campaign we encourage the community to cover their shelter fees for the first 5 nights and help us to be a sustainable organisation. The campaign is especially for a homeless person with no income. We have more than 2500 new clients per year. So your help is highly appreciated.”

You can get involved and help “buy a bed” by clicking here.

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