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The City of Cape Town is taking a step forward in waste management and renewable energy and this is great news for Capetonians.


Cape Town generates on average about 8000 tonnes of waste a day. To make Cape Town more green the City Of Cape Town has opened a Plant that will convert waste to energy. The project is a collaboration between Waste Mart and Clean Energy Africa, and will be run by New Horizons Energy.

The opening of the plant is set to create 80 full time jobs and many other jobs indirectly linked to the company. The Plant was launched at Waste Mart in Athlone on Wednesday.

“This project is the first of its kind to provide the combination of an effective waste-management service and a valuable energy resource,” said Egmont Ottermann, chief executive of New Horizons Energy.

The plant will also benefit Cape Town by providing alternative forms of renewable energy and help cut back on importing gases. The plant should also help reduce the amount of waste in landfills by 10%. There is hope that not only will the plant produce renewable energy but potentially create new avenues of product creation in the future.

“We’re enhancing the recycling economy. There’s great potential in the future to make products such as plastic bricks and roof tiles. Over the lifetime of this plant, we expect many more little industries to be established close to the plant, so that we can drive zero waste to landfill.”

The waste will be collected from municipal avenues as well as food manufacturers, shops, bakeries and breweries. Food scraps from restaurants are also included in the mix. Organic material will be the biggest source of waste to energy.

The Plant will make a big difference to Cape Town’s Green Economy and help drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the City. Boosting the Cities growing rating as a green capital of the world.

“Cape Town is leading in this space of innovation in generating our own electricity to make Cape Town energy-secure.”

“We are also working closely with the City of Stockholm to see if we can replicate the methodology they are using where they are successfully producing biogas fuel from sludge from the wastewater treatment plants for their bus fleet.”

This news is great, not only for Cape Town but South Africa as a whole. If the model is as successful as it is predicted South Africa could become a green energy hub and reduce waste tremendously.

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Sources: City of Cape Town

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