Big Beach Clean Up

5fm teamed up with Capetonians and hosted a ‘Big Beach Clean Up’ in February. Together they collected over 1.6 tons of litter!


In September 2016, the South African national radio station, 5FM, hosted a  #LiveLoud music festival in Cape Town, they released thousands of red balloons into air during the concert. Capetonians took to social media expressing their anger and disappointment in the radio station.

In January 2017 the radio station announced that they would be hosting a ‘Big Beach Clean Up’ in Cape Town, on the 18th of February. The campaign launched a wave of excitement and many other organisations jumped on board to host their own smaller clean ups on the day. We wrote about a clean up that was taking place in Joe Slovo where the litter would be turned into Ecobricks.

We can now update you on the ‘Big Beach Clean Up’ and confirm that it was a massive success! Blake Dyason sent us his thoughts on how the day went. Blake Dyason has dedicated his life to help, inspire hope and raise money for worthy causes and was the force behind the idea of the clean up, after the balloon outrage, he challenged 5fm to show responsibility for their actions and to make a change!

“I was on the verge of tears when I found out that we collected over 1.6 tons of litter at the Cape Town Big Beach Clean Up on 18 February 2017. I have always set unrealistic targets for myself and am a strong believer in aiming for the moon to land in the stars, but this past weekend I overshot the moon and landed in a new galaxy.”

“I knew that collecting litter and dumping it into landfills is nothing more than just moving the problem – we needed solutions.”

“We decided to partner with Waste-ED, an organisation focused on up-cycling non-recyclable waste by making Ecobricks and building schools out of them.”

The clean up was able to collect enough litter to up-cycle and make 120 Ecobricks. The event was also working with the smile foundation, by collecting bottle caps to raise money to perform operations on kids with cleft palates.

“The weekend was a huge success. Hundreds of people from all walks of life gathered at the six clean up points (Sea Point Pools, Mouille Point Lighthouse, Milnerton Beach, Liesbeek River, Joe Slovo and Lions Head), while 5FM broadcast from the Two Oceans Aquarium. The highly energetic DJs got their hands dirty giving updates from each location.”

The achievements of this event were outstanding! Over 1000 people collected 1 640 kg of waste and recycled 1 006.8 kg of it in a mere four hours!

“What I learnt from this is that you do not need to be famous or have money to make a difference. This event only cost me R34, lots of passion and time to put together. Anyone can make a difference if s/he wants it enough.”

“Thanks to everyone that helped make this day a success. From Tuffys Brands, who selflessly sponsored all the bags and gloves and wanted nothing in return, to every single person who came through on the day.”


Big Beach Clean Up

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Sources: Blake Dyason

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