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The Waste Shark is a water drone designed to collect floating litter, it is the Wall-E of the ocean. This is a breakthrough as the oceans are badly polluted.


Drones are becoming a part of our daily lives. Most people have seen or heard of a drone. Most drones are designed to play with and film some great footage. Other types of drones are utilized in wars and as spying tools. So it is exciting to see the design of a drone that’s sole purpose is to clean the Earth.

Our plastic waste ends up in one of 3 places: landfills, recycled or in the ocean. 40% of the oceans surface is made up of floating plastic waste which is heart breaking! Richard Hardiman invented a drone that will be able to collect plastic waste found floating in bodies of water.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority’s Port Waste Catch is sponsoring the project until the end of the year, with four Waste Sharks swimming around. Each can collect up to 1,100 pounds of waste in its open mouth, that extends a foot below the ocean’s surface.

The inventor, Richard Hardiman, is a South African entrepreneur who has been working on the Waste Shark for nearly 3 years now. The drone is designed for water and is fully solar-powered.

The Waste Shark is still in the prototype phase and is being tested in Rotterdam. The prototype skims the top 45cm of the water’s surface and can collect up to 500kg of waste at a time. It is also capable of operating 24 hours a day.

When loaded with collected waste the drone is programmed to return to a docking station where the waste can be unloaded. The collecting heads on the drones can be changed to cope with various wastes such as oil and plastic.


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Sources: Popular Science / RanMarine / Maritime Journal

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