An African Elephant came raging out the bushes scattering a group of playful Wild Dogs then it turned its sights on a police vehicle before backing down.


Beryl Venter and her husband were on their way home after a lovely holiday in the Kruger National Park. Feeling sad that it was over they never expected to see a raging Elephant cross their path.

The couple were towing their caravan home when they were surrounded by about 20 very playful Wild Dogs. They stopped and started filming the encounter, in no hurry to get home. Behind them a police officer was waiting to take his son to school, the officer asked to pass as he was in a hurry and they let him by.

All of a sudden the playful scene turned into a show of dominance and stopped everyone in their tracks.

“We did not mind and as he passed us, we heard an elephant in the bushes and noticed a few dogs started running away. Suddenly, the elephant burst from out of the bushes and starting chasing a few of the dogs.”

“Luckily they were running away from us. The elephant then turned around and ran towards us. The vehicle that had passed us, reversed because the elephant was trumpeting and running towards us. We could not reverse because we had the caravan on tow and another vehicle was behind us. The elephant kept on running and the other vehicle blew its hooter.”

“Only then the elephant stopped, threw his trunk over his tusks as if to say he’s done with us and very calmly walked into the bush. By then most of the dogs were gone.”

Watch the amazing video below.

Sources: Latest Sightings
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