For the Animals: A helpful list for feeding the wild birds in your garden

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Garden Route Birds (GRB) has been working non-stop to save the wildlife after the Knysna Fires. Food sources and shelters were destroyed so humans stepped in to help. The GRB shared a helpful post on what to feed wild birds.


There is so much information about feeding wild birds that we never knew was important, they can eat so much more than just seeds. But there is also a lot they should not be eating either. The Garden Route Birds Facebook page recently shared Do’s and Don’ts for feeding the birds in your garden. They are calling the series “Is It For The Birds?”.

Below is an informative list of all the things you can and can’t feed the wild birds!

Is it for the birds? – Yes!

  • Peanut Butter – Peanut Butter is really good for birds because it is high in fat, calories and it is great for energy. Note: Check the labels because if it contains xylitol or artificial sweeteners it can be toxic to birds.

    “Other ways to offer it to the birds is to cover a pinecone or empty toilet roll in peanut butter and then cover it in wild bird seed! The birds will LOVE it! “

  • Cheese – Cheese is a great source of protein for birds. Note: Hard cheeses like mild cheddar are great but avoid soft or strong cheeses. Also, don’t use mouldy cheese.

    “Most people know that Drongos LOVE cheese, but loads of other birds will also enjoy it including Robins, Boubous, Shrikes, sometimes Flycatchers and even the Brown-hooded Kingfisher!”

  • Suet – Suet is made up of fats, mostly. There are a variety available in stores. It helps the birds maintain temperature and energy levels. The GRB page shared a helpful recipe to make your own Suet at home.
  • Sugar – Sugar is actually good for birds and plays a big role in their lives. Nectar birds love a water and sugar solution but be sure to keep food colouring out of it.

Is it for birds? – No!

  • Honey – Honey isn’t good for birds, it is a complex sugar and they cannot digest it. It has very little nutritional value for birds.
  • Avocado – Avo is toxic to parrots, because of this it is safer to avoid giving it to all birds in general.
  • Bread – Bread is very filling and has no nutritional value. It also contains preservatives and chemicals. It is important to also avoid rolls, crackers, chips, biscuits and doughnuts.

It is also important to keep all birdfeeders and birdbaths clean.

The Garden Route Birds is all for making sure that wild birds are being properly fed, they welcome anyone to double check with them if they are feeling unsure about what to feed them. You can contact them on their Facebook Page here.

Sources: Garden Route Birds
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