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MyCiti has gone green by launching the first of their new electric bus fleet. They hope to reduce their carbon footprint and earn green credits for the city.


MyCiti made the announcement about their intention to procure a fleet of electric buses in January 2016. They put out the Tender in February 2016 and have finally launched the first electric bus in their new green fleet.

As we extend the footprint of the MyCiTi service across the city, we also have a responsibility to lower our carbon emissions and the impact of pollution on the urban environment.

Cities across the world will soon reach a point where alternative fuel for public transport is no longer a choice but a prerequisite, and as such the City of Cape Town has decided to expand our current fleet of diesel buses with electric ones.

The Tender stipulated that the city was looking for 12-metre electric buses but were also considering electric double-decker buses for longer distance trips. The Tender winner needed to also supply the City with the charging stations for the buses and training for the bus drivers and mechanical engineers.

Everything has been successful and the first electric bus made its way off the production line and onto the city streets for its first trip. Brett Herron, a Member of the Mayoral Committee was there and shared his excitement on Facebook.

“Our first electric bus has come off the production line. I got to ride with the fleet team. It’s a beautiful bus and has a quiet & smooth ride. I believe we will be the first city in Africa to use battery powered buses for public transport. An exciting milestone in the rollout of our MyCiTi BRT service.” – Brett Herron, Member of the Mayoral Committee: Transport & Urban Development, City of Cape Town

Sources: Facebook / MyCiti
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