The 2018 school year has started out in the best way! The Grade 8’s from Glenwood High School are doing their part by cleaning up the environment while away on camp.


The Glenwood High School Grade 8’s have already made a massive impact and the school year has only just begun. The boys were away for camp and decided to do something that would benefit their immediate environment.

The camp has all its typical school activities like actually camping, doing obstacle courses and getting in touch with their creative sides by doing impromptu plays with their drama teacher.

However, the young men have also taken it upon themselves to do some good for the environment. They collected 40 bags of rubbish from the Mgeni Mangrove Swamps.

If this is what they are capable of today, imagine what they will achieve in the future!

We spoke to their head teacher, Mr Jordan to find out more about what the young men did on the day. He confirmed that for many boys, cleaning the Mangroves was an eye-opening experience. The manager was absolutely delighted with the amount of litter the schoolboys collected.

The litter in the Mgeni River is often caused by informal dwellings that are built up along the river banks. For many of the young men, learning about people living in such poverty was the biggest eye-opener.

Mr Jordan hopes that the lessons learned over their camp will inspire the young men to continue the hard work of taking care of the environment. This is exactly what happened and they classes started collecting more litter. Their goal was 100 bags, and they did ii!

“They did it!! With the last class to visit the swamps, the total bags of litter collected was 87. With a determined effort, they collected 13 bags to take the total collected to 100. Well done!” – Glenwood High School


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