The Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital helped treat an injured Large Spotted Genet. They realised she had babies so the SPCA helped reunite them.


The SPCA Vereeniging & Vanderbijlpark collected an injured Large Spotted Genet that had been hit by a car. The inspector on the scene, Candice, took the injured Genet to the Three Rivers Veterinary Clinic. The clinic contacted the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital for assistance.

“Once stabilised, we sedated her for a thorough examination. Apart from minor injuries, one thing was glaringly obvious: She was lactating!”

The wildlife hospital realised that she had left babies somewhere and they needed to be found as soon as possible. The hospital got into contact with the Three Rivers Clinic who passed the message on to Candice from the SPCA and let her know about the stranded babies. Candice asked everyone in the neighbourhood where the Genet was found, to listen out for crying.

“Two days later someone heard the babies calling in their roof and they were rescued! AGAIN thank you to Candice who went out in the middle of the night and climbed into the roof to fetch the babies!”

“We raced off to collect them and they were reunited with their mother. She accepted them immediately and we are thrilled to say that the two babies, and mom, are thriving.”

“We compromised on our usual photo quality by unobtrusively snapping a quick photo through a peephole in her enclosure to ensure we didn’t disrupt the family.” (See image above)

The Johannesburg Wildlife Vet treats indigenous wildlife free of charge, relying solely on the support of the community. Their Facebook page is the place to be! It is filled with heartwarming rescue stories of our stunning local wildlife. You can follow them and offer your support here.

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