Joburg City Clean Up

Blake Dyason was behind the big 5fm clean up in Cape Town, now he is getting ready to launch a Joburg City clean up in September and later a Durban one.


Blake Dyason was the man behind the big beach clean up in Cape Town earlier this year. He was inspired to approach 5fm after the public was outraged that they released helium balloons into the sky. The clean up became a massive thing with communities across the Western Cape doing their part to clean their neighbourhoods. Blake also set up the regular trail clean ups around Cape Town.

When discussing his plans to launch city clean ups around SA he mentions that he has been working at this for years. He has always tried to find a way to reduce litter at races and marathons. He hopes these city clean ups inspire continuous action.

“In short, I have been campaigning for years to encourage races to stop using plastic and to be more aware of their impact on the environment.”

“So we haven’t found a solution for the plastic sachets just yet but race organisers are becoming more aware and they have partnered with me to host a JHB City clean up and in October we will host a Durban City Clean Up.”

“This is really exciting, its setting a standard for races / events to be more aware and to start doing more than just the minimum to host the event, they need to start making real difference.” – Blake Dyason

The Joburg city clean up is set to take place on Sunday the 17th of September, one week before the FNB Joburg 10K CITYRUN. Blake has teamed up with Stillwater Sports for this clean up.

This is an opportunity for people that live in and around Johannesburg to make a difference. By joining in on the clean up you will help clean the streets making our city more attractive for visitors and tourists. Creating more jobs and empowering local entrepreneurs.

We will educate fellow South Africans about the impact of litter, the value of recycling and upcycling. Creating further opportunity and slowly a community that is proud of it’s environment leading to less crime.

Event details:
Sunday 17 September.
10;00 to 14:00

What to bring: friends, family, staff and a smile, come for an hour or four hours!

Sources: Blake Dyason CN&CO
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