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Joburg is in for another crazy Thunderstorm which is predicted to affect the entire province. We have some tips on how to prepare for this one and the next!


We think it is officially safe to assume that South Africa and the rest of the world are all experiencing some pretty crazy weather! We remember when movies like ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, ‘The Perfect Storm’ and ‘Into The Storm’ came out and people couldn’t imagine a world where the weather was the thing to worry about.

Over the last few months alone, storms in South Africa have been more vicious! They have taken lives, ripped apart buildings and homes and washed away anything that wasn’t (and was) attached to the solid ground. But they have also shown us how the communities come together to help those in need!

At any rate, it never hurts to be prepared for the next one, which according to the South African Weather Services is happening later today. Warnings have been issued that severe thunderstorms will be taking place in the Gauteng area from around 17:00 pm onwards.

“Please be advised of the following WATCH for severe thunderstorms valid for tomorrow (09 January 2018): Severe thunderstorms are expected in Gauteng, extreme eastern North West, south-western and southern Limpopo (Tuesday).” – SA Weather Services

Along with the thunder, we can expect rain and winds. There were also reports of heavy (and large) hail.

We have decided to draw up a list of this to do in preparation for the Joburg storm 2.0 and every storm to come in the future. It is always better to be prepared than be caught unawares.

Storm Prep 101:

  1. Secure all outdoor furniture, dustbins and items that could potentially move around and cause damage during strong winds. If you have a child’s jungle gym, cable tie the swings to the pillars to avoid them swinging around and becoming damaged as well.
  2. Check all gutters and drains, clearing anything that could potentially block them and cause your garden to flood.
  3. Stay at home if weather could cause a danger on the roads.
  4. Keep torches and extra batteries in case of a power-outage and should you be using gas or candles, ensure the room is ventilated and candles are kept in glass containers to avoid fires.
  5. Charge all mobile devices and have emergency numbers on hand (see the list below)
  6. Store enough water for every family member and animal.
  7. Do not leave your animals outside (we cannot stress this enough, if you are scared, they will be too!) Allocate a safe enclosed space for your pets and comfort them as needed.
  8. If you really want to go full blown ‘Doomsday Preppers’, you can have non-perishable food on hand that is easy to cook using gas.
  9. Check that your first-aid kit is filled with the essentials and within its expiration date.
  10. If anything should happen, do not panic. Stay calm and think clearly.

Helpful Emergency Numbers (SA):

  • Nationwide Emergency Response10111. This number will take you to a call centre which will assist with any emergency at hand and direct the appropriate response team. This number is free from landlines but regular rates are charged from cellphones.
  • Cellphone Emergency Number112. This number will direct you to an automated menu which you then select your required need. This number allows cellphones without airtime to get assistance.
  • Ambulance Response – 10177. This will help in medical emergencies. When making the call, state the emergency plus details of the person(s) injured, exact location (include any landmarks) and your personal details as clearly as possible. This number is also the same for the Fire Brigade.

Stay safe out there and remember to pass this along to everyone you know, because you never know when it may be needed.

Sources: SA Weather Services
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