South African takes on Japanese pet store to help save a little lonely Meerkat called Leeloo

A very sad & lonely meerkat who has been for sale & housed in a small glass tank in a pet store in Okinawa, Japan since 2014 needs our help to reach his place in the sun.


One South African heard the story and decided to make it her mission to save LeeLoo.

Gail Iwata started a Facebook Page and a crowdfunding page to put action into words and create real change for this little Meerkat.

Through the efforts of various concerned individuals in Okinawa, Leeloo’s solitary confinement and plight has been brought to light and a wonderful home has been found for Leeloo at Fellow Earthlings Meerkat Sanctuary in California.

“Being a South African, this caught my attention when people first started talking about it on a Facebook group and so many were distraught by his captivity but seemed unable to help.”

“For the first time ever I took the decision not to walk away from and leave it for someone else to deal with. “

“I have met amazing people through social media, all willing to help get Leeloo to his place in the sun. I am hoping to bring awareness to the cruelty of keeping exotic pets while saving this one little soul from a most torturous existence…”

In order to give Leeloo the life he deserves they need to raise the funds to cover various costs including his release.

LeeLoo Meerkat 1

Once he arrives in California the cost of his ongoing care & rehabilitation will be covered by the Wildlife sanctuary.

Lufthansa have also generously offered to fly Leeloo to California at no charge.

“It should be stated that we do not believe in nor have any desire to support the sale of Exotic Pets, however at the risk of Leeloo spending the rest of his days in these awful conditions our only option is to purchase him!”

“After explaining what our mission is, the petstore has agreed to reduce the price of Leeloo by almost 50% and agreed that they will not bring in anymore Meerkats for sale.”

The crowdfunding page has already raised over 50% of the funds needed and started a huge awareness campaign in Okinawa about the exotic pet trade.

Visit their Facebook page or get in touch with them to assist in saving LeeLoo!

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