Lemon Shark

Diver is filmed helping a Lemon Shark off the coast of Jupiter Florida. In the video it appears the shark is in distress when he continues to bump the diver.


Just off the coast of Jupiter Florida a diver and his team were minding their own business when a lemon shark swam over and remained pretty persistent, it was trying to say something really important!

Diver Josh Eccles told his local ABC News station WPBF that he was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean when he encountered the lemon shark. It kept nudging him a lot more than usual, which made him wonder if something was wrong?

“Every time it swam by me, it would bump into me a little more,”

Josh is a regular diver with Lemon Sharks which was why he became concerned, after giving the shark a once over he noticed something protruding from its belly.

“I noticed something, so I started to poke at it,”

After a number of attempts Josh managed to remove a fishing hook the size of his hand from the sharks belly. Josh said he wasn’t too sure how the hook got there but he hopes that his actions have helped save the sharks life.

Lemon Sharks are actually fascinating, they give birth to live young and live in groups for courtship, protection and communication.

Lemon sharks are not thought to be a large threat to humans.

The shark’s yellow colouring serves as a perfect camouflage when swimming over the sandy seafloor in its coastal habitat

Often feeding at night, these sharks use electroreceptors to find their main source of prey: fish.

You can watch the touching video of the diver helping the shark below.


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Sources: Huffington Post

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