lion cub

Water can be very dangerous for a cub and this mom knows!


In a video which has started to trend, there is a little lion cub that’s sitting just a little bit too close to the water’s edge. His mother takes notice of this, and instinctively knowing the potential dangers of the water, heads over to pick up her cub. As she tries to carry him away, he wriggles loose, and tries to make an escape.

The man filming the scene provides some amusing narration and commentary as well.

“Don’t spend too much time around water. You don’t know about crocodiles yet, young one,” he says as he records the cub making a break for it away from mom, back towards the water.

The lioness stalks back after the cub, picking him up by the scruff of the neck once again. She gently carries him even further away from the water this time, dropping him beside another older lion in the pride.

Part of the dam is still extremely close by however, and it’s not long before the cub is headed straight for it. This time though, mom is close enough as the little one plays around that she lets it go.

Watch the video below:

Sources: YouTube | Safari Live
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