Karen Rademeyer made a tough choice the day the fires raged, she sent 5 pony’s across the N2. 16 days later Cody the pony followed his heart home!


This story starts in a heartbreaking way but don’t fear, the ending is the best part! Karen Rademeyer was on her farm in Knysna when the fires started. By the 7th of June they were raging dangerously close and the farm was evacuated.

The fire was moving quickly and the team ran out of time. Karen feared for the safety of those helping her and decided to send the last 5 ponies across the N2 into the plantation between the N2 and Buffulo Bay.

“That area was not burning at the time, but the wind then changed direction and that whole area continued to burn for 4 days, towards Buffalo Bay. With all the chaos, fences down, road closures, etc, they could be anywhere, in any direction of the farm.”

Karen was filled with sadness not knowing where her ponies were or if they were okay! She had help in searching for them, people sent out drones, planes, thermal cameras, 4×4’s and off-road bikes.

16 days after the ponies were sent off into the plantation, Cody one of the 5 was spotted walking down the highway towards his home. Karen says he must have been following his heart!

Cars and trucks came to a standstill on the highway as Cody was reunited with Karen.

 “This little guy made it all the way home, after 16 days of hell.”

“Despite the fact that our world has been turned upside down for a bit, it brings me so much joy to care for Cody. His strength and determination, and absolute gratitude to be alive, is an example to us all. He’s still resting a lot right now, so visitors are limited, but he’ll soon be strong enough for plenty of cuddles.”

Cody has a few severe burns but he is finally safe and resting. Karen has faith that the other 4 are still alive and well. She said that just over 3 years ago they were part of a feral herd, meaning they will be able to care for themselves. Karen has asked if anyone has seen her ponies to please urgently contact her on 082 877 1716 or Dave on 081 360 7279. Her Facebook page has photo’s of the missing pony’s for reference.

“It is during times of loss that we find ourselves. We see true colours. We realise what’s important. It is during times of loss that we gain the most.”

Sources: SA People
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  1. What a lovely story. I live in Melbourne Australia where we are only too familiar with fires and how devestating it is when one don’t know what happed to your animals during severe fire storms.

  2. I commend you for publishing ‘Good news’ is a world where we hear about so many bad things. Bless you.

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