On 15 November 2016, South African swimmers will take part in a World record breaking swim across the Dead Sea, acknowledged as the lowest in the world – more than 430m below sea level.


The team’s extreme challenge stretches over 16km between the widest points of the shores of the Dead Sea.

Madswimmer is a South African non-profit company that was founded by Jean Craven in 2009. Since its inception, Madswimmer has successfully completed all 6 recognised intercontinental swims as well as various other open water swims – all in aid of charity. They have raised nearly S500000 USD for charitable causes – all intended to inspire hope and enable opportunity inn South African children’s live

Madswimmer will join forces with an international group of swimmers, as well as The Cyprus Israel Swim Team. This swim, which forms Part Two of the Madswimmer Hi-Lo Challenge, has been a year in the planning and is the result of an incredible collaboration between Madswimmer, The Cyprus Israel Swim Team, Ori Sela (of Water World and the WEST swimming technique) and Ecopeace.

Madswimmer usually swims for two reasons – to raise money for local children’s charities and to challenge themselves. This swim, however, has an additional far reaching element. The swimmers, as a group, are trying to bring attention to the plight of the Dead Sea – to raise awareness around the rapid depletion of this incredible natural resource.

The international team is swimming for the benefit and awareness of the Dead Sea itself. Madswimmer will also make this awareness known, however the beneficiaries from this swim will remain completely the sponsorship of underprivileged children in Africa.

Challenges: Other than the extreme difficulty of swimming in water with a salt content of 10 x a normal ocean, the team faces severe sodium poisoning and electrolyte imbalances (from even a few swallows of the Dead Sea), the density of the water makes it hard for you to turn your body over if you end up face down and the salt content – if it gets in your eyes and nose – can blind you and cause respiratory distress (and possibly death, if it gets into your lungs). Headaches and breathing difficulty from the exertion are common.

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