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The “Three Muskateers” are getting a second chance to be wild and free thanks to the help of the SPCA and the JWVH – the three meerkats are already taking to their wilder life and loving it!


Johannesburg, South Africa (08 April 2022) – South African wildlife can be very cute, but they should never be kept as pets. Three young Meerkats were recently rescued by the SPCA and taken to the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital for treatment.

Firstly, it is cruel to keep wild animals as pets and secondly, it is illegal. Thankfully, the SPCA was notified of the three meerkats, and they were able to intervene.

The meerkats are still young and should still be with their mother. The team are making sure they get their nutritious milk and have also started introducing other moreish grubs and treats. They are very active and require a great deal of enrichment, so the JWVH team has to makeover their temporary enclosure on a regular basis, to keep things exciting for the young minds.

“These three Meerkats (Suricata suricatta) arrived at our hospital after being confiscated by the SPCA. They are still very young, and the majority of their diet is a special milk formula (at this age they should still have been with their mother). They are now enjoying a smorgasbord of additional food items, and are growing up fast.

During the day they are in an outdoor enclosure as their busy, developing minds thrive on enrichment. We continuously change the “furniture” in their enclosure, or hide their food in interesting objects for them to find.

Being social animals, they will soon enter a slow release process where with other meerkats. Here they will thrive, interacting and developing within the social hierarchy formed by the group.

Please note, it is ILLEGAL to keep or sell indigenous wildlife without the necessary permits to do so. Sadly meerkats are commonly part of the illegal wildlife trade. Please stop supporting this industry and report those who break the law to the detriment of our indigenous wild animals.

We treat indigenous animals free of charge, relying solely on the donations and support of our community.”

You can report cases to your local SPCA. To find one nearest to you, check out our handy SPCA list here. These three meerkats have been saved from a life of unknown factors and, instead, will get to live life as intended; wild and free.

There are several ways that people can help support the wildlife vet and their patients. JWVH accept donations here or see their full wishlist here. An easy way to get involved is to also nominate them on your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet rewards card, which you can do so here. Or via direct bank transfer, see their banking details below.


Johannesburg Wildlife NPC
FNB Cheque account
Account nr: 62658400264
Branch code: 255355
Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

Sources: Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital
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