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‘I Am Water’ uses the ocean to empower female youth of South Africa. They are teaching the young ladies to freedive and understand the ocean.


‘I Am Water’ was started by Hanli Prinsloo, a record holding freediver for South Africa. She started the foundation as a way to educate about ocean conservation. From it many projects were born and now she uses the foundation to empower female youth of South Africa.

Hanli takes groups of young girls whom have always feared the ocean and teaches them how to freedive. ‘I Am Water’ teamed up with an American company, Athleta, to showcase the work that they are doing to empower these young woman.

“Hanli sees it as an opportunity to share everything the ocean has to teach. From basic swimming techniques, to facts about sea animals, to conquering fears and gaining confidence, and discovering a new world of possibilities.”

Thousands of young girls are told daily what they should and shouldn’t do. Many never dream to live out a life that differs from that of their neighbours. Hanli hopes to show the young girls that they can dream and that what they think matters too, to do this she is giving them confidence by facing the ocean.

“The strength of woman is like that of water, we have the ability to be both soft and powerful!”

“The stories we are told as girls about what we can and can’t do, I’m done with hearing those stories! I’m done with seeing girls believe those stories. What I want to see happening more is that we rise by lifting others, the success of all is the success of one!”

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Sources: Athleta / YouTube

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