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J’aime and Mewie are best friends forever but it wasn’t always that way! They became inseparable when the orphaned rhino decided she was ready to be friends with a cat.


Mewie is pretty much the coolest cat we have ever seen! He is friends with so many cool animals. His new bestie is the coolest one of all, an orphaned rhino named J’aime.

J’aime was found in the wild, too young to care for herself. Her back had three shallow stab wounds which they suspect were from the poachers that killed J’aime’s mother. The rescue team suspect that J’aime tried to defend her mother and was stabbed to scare her off.

She was taken to a nearby rescue centre where she was treated for her injuries. Young rhino calves are highly dependant on their mothers and so she needed 24/7 care and companionship.

Mewie the cat, who was also a rescue, has taken up the task of welcoming all the new orphans that arrive at the Rhino Orphanage. Mewie was instantly taken with J’aime but the affection wasn’t returned right away. J’aime was cautious around Mewie at first. Mewie persisted and in the end, the pair became besties.

So much love ❤️

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Having a drink together 💦

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Two bums in the bush!

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J’aime will be released back into the wild once she is old enough to care for herself.

Watch the adorable relationship between Mewie and J’aime below.

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Posted by Odd Couples on Thursday, 22 February 2018

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