Pepper is a very clever protection dog, she takes care of the wildlife living within the Kruger National Park, but she is extra special as she is paving a path for her breed.


Kruger National Park, South Africa – Pepper has been training hard to protect the wildlife living within the Greater Kruger area. She was taken to the camp she now calls home, when she was just a little puppy.

Over the years since she first arrived, she has become a massive part of conservation efforts in her camp. The reason Pepper is so unique is that her breed isn’t usually the first to be considered as a working dog.

“I researched every conceivable breed of dog for more than a year before making my decision, with the obvious choices being Pointers, Hounds and Malinois. I even looked at Australian Cattle dogs, Basenjis and Ridgebacks. I needed an animal who could live with a Jack Russel and a Sphinx cat at home, would not disturb guests in the camp by barking all night every time a hyaena called, was friendly enough to interact with staff and visitors, sensible enough not to put me in danger when on foot in the bush by rushing or barking when surrounded by buffalo or elephant but brave and intelligent enough to know instinctively what to do if danger struck.

I also needed an animal that whilst strong and intimidating enough to deal with poachers, was also small enough to haul up into tree-based observation posts, easily fast-roped back down in an emergency and able to comfortably fit into the front seat of a Land Cruiser or the back seat of a helicopter.

I have owned seven Bull Terrier’s before but never in such a dangerous and demanding environment. My instinct and experience was that this breed would satisfy most items on my selection list but with one great unknown: Would a Bull Terrier be disciplined enough to patrol off lead in a Big 5 reserve, especially when danger arose and when any deep-seated instincts might over-rule my commands?” – Adrian Christopher Wilkins 

Pepper has proven to do well in every part of Adrian’s requirements. She has excelled in all of her training and today, is a faithful companion during stakeouts for poaching prevention.

Pepper and Adrian regularly camp out in the bush for days at a time. She is dedicated to catching the bad guys and very well-mannered with the wildlife they encounter.

Adrian took a chance on Pepper, and it paid off well. Bull Terriers have never been considered as anti-poaching dogs, but Adrian believes that Pepper sets a great example for the breed when trained correctly. He shared her success story with the ‘Bull Terrier, Adorabull Rescue and Rehabilitation’ Facebook page.

“So my message is a simple one. Bull Terriers are the most wonderful breed of dog and anyone thinking of buying or adopting one should do so in the knowledge that with the right input, they are gentle, loyal, brave, funny and very much able to turn their attention to so much more than anything that their typical stereotyping would have you believe.”

You can follow Pepper’s adventures on her Facebook page here.


Sources: Pepper on Patrol
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  1. While i think this is so wonderful and Pepper is already a hero in my eyes i am a huge dog and wildlife lover and am very concerned for my lions leopards cheetahs elephants rhinos etc. I have a big concern about Pepper without a bulletproof vest and they will try to shoot her and also a concern showing her and revieling what she will do. This could put a massive target on her back as well as others that are trained. The bomb and drug sniffing dogs now have a price on thier heads and are massive targets for bad guys who want them dead.

  2. She will not disappoint anyone!! What a lovely bully!! Only one request, please get her a bulletproof vest, then nithing will be in her way to do her job!! Poachers remember, “her jaws lock”

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