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Local poet and wildlife activist CJ Carrington shared a deeply moving powerful poem about the day to day life of our wildlife rangers.


CJ Carrington is one of the members of the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation. She is also a poet who writes powerful pieces about the state of our wildlife and rangers. Through the foundation, she helps to support a large number of organisations that work to protect vulnerable animals.

From vultures to orphaned Rhino, the foundation makes sure that all in the wildlife protection sector are taken care of, including the rangers.

While on the front line for the war on poaching these brave souls face constant danger but they also face the heartbreak of witnessing poaching first hand. They are normally the first people on the scene of the tragic and senseless poaching incidents that plague not only this country but the world at large.

This is the subject matter for the poem, a deep and harrowing look at what they must face and sacrifice on the bad days. You can find out more about what the Wild Hearts Wildlife Foundation does to support rangers here.

I am Ranger

I am Ranger
hear me weep
as my charges
die at my feet
Poachers and butchers
and killers at night
take away our freedom
in a never-ending fight
Hunger and thirst
Rain and heat
all this we bear
never admitting defeat
My heart ripped from my chest
at the sight
of the rhino, I knew best
Bleeding and torn
To pieces, she’s hacked
for a centimetre of horn
Her baby’s screams never leave you
it tears into your soul
the bullet for mercy
is always too cold
Tears tend to fall as the sun sets
the darker it becomes
the more strained it gets
Will we see our precious babies
tomorrow again
or will they be found
as corpses and then
will I get shot at
Will I get killed or maimed
As I think this,
I feel deeply ashamed
I am a protector of all things wild
their innocence and helplessness
no different from that a child
how can I fail them
how can I quit
few understand
fewer will admit
I will get up again
fight for them
for theirs is the world
who else would protect them
with word thought and deed
I shake it off and start patrolling
vigilant with every
life-threatening step of my feet
I am Ranger
and I bleed.

Just wow!

Sources: Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation
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