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Recycling can be a great source of income for people in poor area’s, a seminar was hosted in Polokwane to teach people how to start a recycling business!


What may seem like a chore to some, is a source of income to another. The Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa hosted a seminar in Polokwane to teach the attendee’s how to start a recycling business.

This seminar aimed to empower the people to become recycling entrepreneurs! It hosted a selection of companies that practice recycling on a daily basis and had knowledgeable speakers sharing information about recycling.

Ursula Henneberry, Operations Director of the Paper Recycling Association of South Africa (PRASA) spoke about what kind of paper is recyclable, how to maximize earning and how to create a paper collection company.

Innocent Godo, National Business Development Officer from The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC) shared information on glass recycling. The talk covered which glass products can be recycled and which cannot, how to safely handle glass and how to identify buyers of glass in Polokwane.

The attendee’s also got to hear about metal recycling from Delanie Bezuidenhout (CEO: The Metal Packaging Association of South Africa : METPAC-SA) and plastic recycling from Belinda Booker, Collections and Training Manager from PETCO and Jacques Lightfoot, Sustainability Manager from PLASTICS|SA.

After the seminar the attendee’s went on a site visit to ‘Anti-Waste: Fanus Beytell’. Overall it was a successful day with many newly inspired recycling entrepreneurs.

This event not only empowers people wanting to become recycling entrepreneurs but it also benefits the environment. For every company that recycles, that is less waste in the environment!

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